Your Guide to Planning The Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

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Your Guide to Planning The Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

Are you tying the knot this winter? No need to worry about your wedding decorations, budget, or even the weather when it comes to planning your winter wedding, all you need to do is see these breathtaking winter wedding ideas we have for you.

If you're not looking forward to having your wedding in winter, you will change your mind once you see the beautiful winter wonderland wedding centerpieces and decor ideas right here.

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Weddings are always so much fun, and every wedding season has its perks.

Here are 5 reasons to consider having your wedding in winter:

  1. It’s More Romantic: Winter always makes people want to get warm, cuddle up, and light up some candles, which is very romantic.  So use candles, dim lighting, and giveaway some shawls. Even better, have a photoshoot outdoors if it’s snowing, your pictures will be unique and memorable! For more inspiration on ways to use candles at your wedding click here!
  2. Elegant Bridal Look: Look like a Russian princess by adding a beautiful fur wrap, a fluffy bolero, or a velvet cloak. Click here to see beautiful bridal cover-ups for winter!
  3. Flower Alternatives: Bored with flowers? You can get so creative in winter with your bouquet or floral arrangements. Check out these beautiful winter wedding bouquet ideas.
  4. Save Money: Winter is an off-season for weddings, so most vendors will probably give you a discount or offer on their services. Read: 15 Wedding Budget Tips to Save You Lots of Money.
  5. Availability: Whether it’s your venue, photographer, or DJ, you will have more of a chance to find booking availabilities than in spring or summer.

Winter weddings can be magical and warm if the winter wonderland wedding centerpieces and decor are right way, so here are some things you should know while planning a winter wedding:

Winter Colors

There are so many beautiful colors for you to choose from for your winter wedding, ​if you're looking for an easy winter wedding decor and color combination, try out a less-is-more approach to your color scheme this winter.

Stick to silver and white with crystal accents as they add a lot of glam to your winter wedding. You can also try white velvet and white satin ribbons. 

For a wonderful, all-white winter wonderland wedding check out this magical winter wedding by My Event Design.

For brides who love a bolder or more dramatic wedding theme, you can add darker colored details such as deep red, plum, and even black. Check out this romantic wedding with dark shades in Lebanon.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Winter wedding bouquets can be so stunning and unique, but make sure the flowers of your wedding bouquet go with your wedding flower arrangements as well.

Red roses, calla lilies, and amaryllis are unarguably winter wedding flowers, but there are many more to consider. For example, white hydrangeas and soft ranunculuses are hot this winter. White boutonnieres can also be a great choice when accented with greenery.

You can also add sparkle to your bouquet by wrapping the stems in a ribbon embellished with crystals or other winter-inspired details, check out these stunning ideas for wedding bouquet wraps.

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Winter Wedding Invitations

Make sure you choose lovely wedding invitations that suit your winter wedding theme, whether they are all white or a different color add a wintery touch to your wedding invitations.

If you don't want an all-white theme, silver sparkle, or traditional wedding color, try navy blue, chocolate-brown, or dark purple wedding invitations.

You can add some winter details such as snowflakes for a very wintery touch.

Are you having your wedding near Christmas? Then check out these festive Christmas-inspired wedding invitations!

Winter Wedding Centerpieces

There are many ideas you can add to your winter wedding centerpieces depending on what vibe you want to have.

Check out this Cocoon of Love wedding in Lebanon and get inspired by the beautiful winter colors and centerpieces.

Here are some easy ideas you can use:

  • For a warm and cozy wedding theme use a lot of candles.
  • Bring the outdoors to your wedding with trees and greenery.
  • Use some elegant ice sculptures and snowflake decorations for an icy and snow theme.
  • Tell your florist to fill the vases with tall winter-white branches and hanging crystals so that they can reflect the light from the tables. 
  • Add some pinecones or succulents to your centerpieces as well for a unique touch.

The ideas are endless!

Winter Wedding Favors

There are so many beautiful wedding favors that are all about winter! We have a few ideas that you might like for your winter wedding:

  • The most popular ones we have in Middle Easters weddings are chocolates! But how about mixing it up a little and having cookies or truffles for a refreshing change? Better yet, consider giving out small boxes of chocolate-covered dates or dried fruit. For more edible wedding favor ideas click here!
  • Caramel-covered apples are a sweet and fun treat to give your guests once the wedding is over.
  • Nothing says winter treat more than hot chocolate, spoil your guests with these chocolate cubes that melt when put in milk to make a delicious hot chocolate.
  • Keep your guests warm with beautiful pashminas and shawls.
  • Candle wedding favors can also be considered as a wintery gift.
  • You can make any wedding favor wintery if you do it right, want to have soap wedding favors? Have snowflake-shaped soaps! Not only are they useful but they are also so pretty.
  •  If you’re sure it will rain on your wedding day then why not give away some pretty umbrellas or cute colorful rain boots to your wedding guests.

Winter Wedding Cakes

Winter wedding cakes can be decorated with different details such as berry decorated winter cakes, winter florals, pinecones, and even burlap. Get creative with your winter wedding decorations, check out these pretty winter wedding cakes.


Luxurious Chandeliers

Luxurious chandeliers will add a romantic and warm touch to your winter wedding.

Check out this helpful guide for wedding lights!

Snowflakes Wedding Theme

Whether you live in a country that snows or not, you most likely love snowflakes just as much as we do. There is just something magical about them, right? So why not choose something as pretty and simple as snowflakes for your wedding theme?

You can add snowflake patterns to your wedding cake, wedding invitations, and even your wedding favors to create a magical winter wedding wonderland.

Gingerbread Touches

Add a wintery and sweet touch to your wedding with gingerbread treats!

Gingerbread is a popular flavor and dessert during winter especially close to Christmas, so why not include it in your wedding, you can have gingerbread cookies as favors, or gingerbread bride and groom as your wedding cake topper.

Let it Snow

 We’re not talking about real snow here, you can have fake snow during your entrance into the wedding hall or during your first dance, and this will definitely add a magical touch to your wedding. We’re sure you can find the right experts around you, simply ask your wedding planner.

Yarn Wedding Details

For a unique touch think including yarn to your wedding, how? Here are some ideas:

  • Wedding favors wrapped in yarn.
  • Wedding invitations with yarn accents.
  • Wedding chair decorations.

Delicious Winter Flavors

Consider having winter-inspired desserts and cake flavors at your wedding, here are some ideas to include at your wedding:

  • Caramel is a very popular flavor to be used at fall and winter weddings. Caramel is great to have all year round, especially in winter!
  • Keep your wedding guests warm with hot chocolate or other warm drinks.
  • Smore's are a delicious winter treat and can be presented as a DIY food station.

Click here to see delicious wedding cake flavors and choose the one you like for your wedding.

Ice Sculptures

If you are looking for a different idea for your wedding centerpiece that goes along with any color scheme, this is it. An ice sculpture centerpiece that can be carved in any shape or size you like. You will certainly impress your guests with the crystal clear ice carvings, sitting gracefully at the center of their tables.

Festive Vibes

If you are having your wedding during the Christmas season, then why not include these festive vibes in your winter wedding?

We love the simple and elegant ideas at Barbara El Taouil's winter wedding in Lebanon, the lovely colors and coziness of the setup created the perfect winter wedding vibes.

Create a Christmas wonderland at your wedding with beautiful Christmas-inspired details, get inspired by this magical Christmas wedding in Lebanon.

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