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Lebanese People Critical of Lavish Lebanese Weddings

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Lebanese People Critical of Lavish Lebanese Weddings

As Lebanon suffers a dire economic crisis, lavish weddings held over the summer are the subject of controversy among the Lebanese people who are paying a hefty price as a result of years of government corruption and financial mismanagement. 

Photos and videos of a luxurious wedding, that of Cerina Al Sahili, have stirred a wave of heavy criticism over Social Media. Cerina is the daughter of a former Hezballah MP Hala Nawarr Al Sahili.

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"While their partisans grow food on balconies and sleep outside, with no access to water, gas and electricity, their politicians enjoy a luxurious lifestyle just like those of any other party", a post was captioned on the ThawraMap Instagram account that was created in the heat of the 17 October nationwide protests in Lebanon. 

The bickering over Social Media has prompted Nawarr Al Sahili to apologise publicly through her Twitter account.

Cerina is the sister of Lana El Sahely, a Lebanese fashion blogger and freelance stylist and owner of L’Armoire de Lana. Lana married Lebanese businessman Ali Awada on 4 September 2014, and is a mother of two boys now. Take a look at the wedding pictures of Lana El Sahely and Ali Awada

Other lavish weddings in Lebanon held this summer have also been criticised, including the wedding of the daughter of a Free Patriotic Movement MP, Maria Ibrahim Kanaan who heads the Parliament’s Finance and Budget committee.

Lebanon is going through unprecedented economic pains that have seen the national currency (Lebanese Lira) reach bottom low at 1 USD = 23,000 LL as compared to 1 USD = 1,500 LL in 2019. 

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