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LM Fashion Group Presents Latest 2025 Bridal Collections

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LM Fashion Group Presents Latest 2025 Bridal Collections

LM Fashion Group presents the essence of bridal elegance, unveiling the latest bridal collections from three renowned brands: Michela Ferriero, Felicia Couture, and Capri Sposa.

Each brand presents its distinctive interpretation of bridal sophistication for the year 2025.

From Michela Ferriero's sleek minimalism to Felicia Couture's lavish creations and Capri Sposa's enchanting romanticism, brides are invited to embark on a journey through the diverse and visionary landscape of contemporary bridal fashion.


Michela FerrieroMichela Ferriero 1

Michela Ferriero

Michela Ferriero's 2025 collection "Ethereal Dream" is an extraordinary masterpiece of timeless elegance and unparalleled refinement.

Wedding dresses that embody the very essence of dream and eternity with precious fabrics, carefully selected to ensure a feeling of luxury and incomparable comfort.

The magnificent French laces, crafted with artisanal mastery and adorned with hand embroideries, give each dress an aura of sophistication and sophistication. The mermaid skirts, a distinctive signature of the brand and especially of this collection, delicately envelop the female forms, transforming each step into an enchanting dance of grace and beauty.

Attention to detail is fundamental: each dress has been shaped with love and dedication by artisans, who work masterfully to create embroideries and carvings that tell a story of love and commitment.

Craftsmanship is expressed in every point, in every fold, and in every stitch, giving each creation an aura of authenticity and uniqueness.

"Ethereal Dream" is designed for women who desire to immerse themselves in a world of timeless elegance, capturing the essence of romance in every single dress. With its silent yet powerful beauty, this collection invites brides to walk down the aisle with grace and delicacy, wrapped in an ethereal dream that will be engraved in the memories of an unforgettable day.

Felicia CoutureFelicia Couture

Felicia Couture

The new brand of the LM Fashion group, Felicia Couture, is proud to present with pride the exceptional new bridal collection: "Regal Romance". This extraordinary collection is a tribute to modern princesses and royal families of today, embodying the perfect fusion of regal and romantic styles.

Each dress in the "Regal Romance" collection is a masterpiece, made with the utmost care and attention to detail: luxurious crystals and artisanal embroideries take center stage, creating a magical and refined atmosphere.

Each creation is embellished with sparkling details that capture the light at every angle, bestowing unparalleled elegance and transforming every bride into a true princess. Airy skirts and clouds of tulle add an ethereal touch, while raised flowers and floral applications lend a timeless aura of romance. The use of precious fabrics such as organza and Duchess satin adds further richness and luminosity to the dresses, creating a sumptuous effect.

Capri SposaCapri Sposa

Capri Sposa

Inspired by the ocean and the legendary creatures of the deep sea, the new Capri Sposa 2025 collection merges the ancient charm of mermaids with the latest bridal fashion trends. "Tide" is an ode to modern elegance: romantic and contemporary wedding dresses, a true style statement. A collection that celebrates the beauty, femininity, and magic of love. Refined designs are reminiscent of marine creations. Tradition and innovation blend to create timeless dresses that will make every bride shine like a modern mermaid on her wedding day.

Wedding dresses 100% Made in Italy that embody the craftsmanship and elegance of the Bel Paese and follow the most innovative trends in bridal fashion.

Luxurious details are the heart of this collection: a triumph of sparkling Swarovski crystals, precious pearls, and jewel applications expertly set in high-quality fabrics, creating a luminous and magical effect.

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