Magical Butterfly Wedding in Dubai

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Magical Butterfly Wedding in Dubai

Ending 2019 on a dazzling note, Evo Creation and Design created a breathtaking wedding that took place on 26 December 2019 at the Grand Hyatt Dubai.

Without having to use the stage in the background, the team created a central stage with a large round catwalk that ran through the ballroom, so that from any angle in the ballroom, it was possible to see the center of the stage.

The wedding design was made in blue and white with purple accents.

25,000 butterflies were placed on the ceiling to give the impression of a large flock of butterflies. The mirrored dining tables reflected the installation on the ceiling, creating a beautiful illusion of butterflies flying underneath the table.

The entire lighting system was created and designed to give the perception that the butterflies were flying; a magnificent show of experience and creativity for the bride and her guests.

Wedding Venue: Grand Hyatt Dubai

Wedding Planner: Evo Creation and Design

Managing Partner: Bruno França

Production Manager: Dania Sammour

Operation Manager: Tiago Rossi

Creative Director: Danish Mirza

Photography: Loft Studio