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A Magical Floral Engagement in Doha

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A Magical Floral Engagement in Doha

One breathtaking engagement took place this month in Doha, Qatar, the engagement of Al Fardan family took place on 26th November 2019.

Goldline Events created a magical floral-filled event that consisted of two parts. The first part was the party area which was surrounded by thousands of colorful flowers and a huge floral ceiling installation the dream team worked hard on bringing the outdoors indoors with mesmerizing floral arrangements and installations in different colors that covered every area of the hall.

The second stop was the dining area by the beach, this area was still all about nature and florals but this time the team of Goldline stuck to the colors green and white, there was a mix of greenery and natural materials, guests were offered elegant emergency kits and the ladies were presented with beautiful pouches with foldable flats in them to kick off their heels and feel more comfortable.

Keeping up with Qatari traditions, an elegant perfume station awaited the guests, different kinds of perfumes were displayed on a huge round stand with lights surrounding it.

The food area was filled with a variety of cuisines, to add a unique and traditional touch to the engagement party, there was a Turkish coffee station, and chocolates and juices were served throughout the party.

Wedding Planner: Goldline Events

Wedding Photographer: Parazaar Productions