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Middle East Weddings in Classic Blue

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Middle East Weddings in Classic Blue

Pantone has officially unveiled the color of 2020 and we are loving the Classic Blue color they picked. In a statement made earlier, Pantone explained that Classic Blue instills calm, confidence, and connection, making it a perfect color to add to your wedding.

Pantone says the shade is "a timeless and enduring hue elegant in its simplicity", it can be easily used in your wedding design and decoration. Just like its name, it is a classic and timeless color that never goes out of trend.

Inspired by the color of the sky at dusk, this color will be seen a lot at weddings!

There are so many ways to include this beautiful shade in your wedding; flowers, table linens, wedding cake, chairs, accessories..., or other tiny details. Classic Blue will go perfectly with any other color you choose for your wedding.

To show you how classic and timeless this color is, we have selected some weddings that took place in 2019 in some major Arab cities that included this beautiful color in them. Take a look:


Sheikha Zulfa Wedding

Sheikha Zulfa and Sheikh Jassim's Wedding by White

Although there were many colors used in this wedding, Dina Khamis Koteiche, the founder of Beirut-based wedding planning company White, chose to add pops of blue to the flower arrangements and centerpieces at this wedding that took place in Doha, Qatar, in September 2019. 

Alissar Wedding

Love X Stars Wedding by Alissar

For this fabulous wedding that was held in Amman, Jordan, the team at Alissar chose a beautiful color combination of blues, violets, and purples, thus creating a magical color scheme. 

le mariage

Endless Dream Wedding in Doha by Le Mariage

For this absolutely breathtaking wedding, Le Mariage created a spectacular and prestigious setup. We can spot the blue hues in the backdrop screens and lighting, which added a warm touch to the wedding theme.



Shades of Blue Wedding at Jordan's Dead Sea

For this magical wedding held at the Dead Sea, in Jordan, the team of Goldline Events created an elegant wedding decor that was all about white and shades of blue accentuated with gold.

Eden Garden

Eden Garden Wedding in Egypt by My Event Design

For this destination wedding held in Cairo, MY Event Design created a colorful wedding theme which included the beautiful shade of blue that added a luxurious effect to the wedding.

Waves wedding

A Luxurious Waves Wedding by Ali Bakhtiar in Dubai

Dubai-based wedding planner Ali Bakhtiar created a world of dreams with ideas never seen before; this waves wedding theme included wave-inspired motifs with different shades of blue.

Blue and Yellow Wedding

A Royal Blue and Yellow Wedding in Doha

Created by the team of Occasions Events, who is based in Doha, the venue at this wedding was enveloped by massive ethereal tulips in mellow yellow, which contrasted well with the blue color used all around. 

Ghadeer Ashoor

Modern Fairytale Wedding by Ghadeer Ashoor

Ghadeer Ashoor of Saudi Arabia, created a contemporary 'art meets luxury' wedding that is absolutely breathtaking in every way, using shades of blue, she gracefully took the wedding guest at this wedding held in Riyadh to the outer space.

Blue Dragonfly Wedding in AmanBlue Dragonfly Wedding in Aman 1

Blue Dragonfly Wedding in Aman

For this blue-colored wedding in Amman, the bride wanted her wedding to be her "Something Blue" with all the lucky charms she and her groom loved, the dragonfly which symbolizes love, communication, growth, and hope, the ever trendy evil eye, and the aurora (Northern Lights) of Iceland.

Under The Sea Wedding in AmmanUnder The Sea Wedding in Amman 1Under The Sea Wedding in Amman 3

Under The Sea Wedding in Amman

A charming couple, Dr. Iskandar Imsieh and Alice Dalo, got married under the sea, well, not literally! Wave-shaped installations surrounded the banquet hall, making the guests feel as if they were swimming in the deep blue ocean. From ocean blue hues of flowers, corals, and beautiful centerpieces to surrounding aquatic visuals, the wedding of Iskandar and Alice was a marine paradise. 

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