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The Most Popular Beauty Salons in Jeddah

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The Most Popular Beauty Salons in Jeddah

The first thing wedidng guests notice once a bride enters the wedding ballroom is her makeup, her hair, and her overall look.  

Brides spend a lot of time looking for inspiration and for the best beauty experts to help them look their absolute best on this important day. 

Every bride should have a makeup and hair rehersal before the wedding day to make sure that this is the look that you are after on your big day.  

You can simply ask your friends and family members for advice on the best beauty salons in your city, or if you attend a wedding and like the bride's hair and makeup, ask about her beauty salon.

Finding the perfect beauty salon is not always easy, so here is a list of the most popular Beauty Salons in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:


Tony and Guy

Tony and Guy offers you the trendiest hairstyles and makeup looks, and gives you the beauty advice you need.

The salon offers many services, such as manicures, Moroccan bath, massages, and every service needed for the bride to relax before her wedding day.

Bridal hair and makeup at Tony and Guy can cost you round 2500 Saudi Riyals.

Bouthaina Salon and Spa

This beauty salon opened in 1987 by beauty expert Bouthaina Khalaf, and has become one of the most popular places in Jeddah ever since.

The beauty salon has 3 branches, all located in Jeddah.

The salon offers all beauty services, from Moroccan baths, to massages, manicures, hair styling and makeup.

Brides can book their appointment with different makeup and hair experts in the salon, which starts from 7,000 Saudi Riyals.

They can make an appointment with Bouthaina herself but for a higher rate, starting from 10,000 SR.

Alexandre Zouari

Alexandre Zouari is located on Tahliya Street, and is one of the best beauty salons in Jeddah.

The salon has a Parisian vibe to it. The price range is reasonable in comparison to other places and for the great services it offers.

Bridal hair and makeup starts from 3500 Saudi Riyals, and bridal packages include hair, makeup, as well as, other body and skincare services.

The salon offers a relaxing feet and hands treatment with roses, as well as, eyes and skin care treatments using gold and collagen.

The massages vary from therapy massage, hot stone massages, to many other services.

Oriana Salon & Spa

This salon and spa offers all the beauty services needed for women; from beauty treatments to relaxing services.

Bridal packages can start from 2000 Riyals inside the salon, but for services outside the salon it can cost 4000 Riyals.

The salon is flexible with brides and helps them create personalized packages according to their budget.

The place also offers makeup lessons which it announces on its social media channels.

Eve's Avenue Salon

Eve's Avenue offers many amazing beauty services for brides, and there is a special section for manicures and pedicures, as well as, a special section for skincare.

The salon offers elegant makeup looks for brides who want simplicity and on trend makeup.

All the employees are professional beauty experts who are there to help the bride look her best.

Manna Center

The center is located in Khalideya area, and offers great hair styling services, hair care treatments, and makeup.

It also offers tattoo and tanning services, as well as, weight loss programs.

The center has special packages for brides with great prices, as well as, Moroccan baths to help you relax before the wedding.

Maison de Joelle

Maison de Joelle is one of the best salons in Jeddah. The most popular beauty treatments in the salon are makeup, hair styling, hair care and treatments, as well as facials, including gold masks.

For services outside the salon, such as makeup and hair styling, it can cost up to 5000 Saudi Riyals,  on the other hand, a makeup and hair package at the salon starts from 2,500 SR. 

Lamasat Beauty & Spa Center

This beauty salon has two branches in Jeddah, the beauty salon offers manicure and pedicure services, as well as hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and Moroccan baths. The beauty salon also offers speciall bridal packages.

Jamalouki Salon

Jamalouki Salon is known for its high-quality services and professional staff. They are always keeping up with the latest beauty trends to provide them to their clients. It is also very popular for its bridal section, which provides the best bridal services.

Rosel Beauty Salon

Located in Al Rawda area, with a professional staff to provide you all your beauty needs and services, in a luxurious atmosphere.

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