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The Most Popular Salons North Riyadh

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The Most Popular Salons North Riyadh

Every Saudi woman looks after her beauty, especially on the most important day of her life, many women in Saudi Arabia look for the best when it comes to their beauty and looks. So it is only normal for you to find some amazing professional beauty salons in Riyadh, but if you are specifically looking for beauty salons in North Riyadh we are here to help you out.

We previously shared Top 5 Beauty Centers and Spas in Riyadh with you, but if you are looking for beauty salons in North Riyadh, there are many professional salons in that area. North Riyadh has become filled with shopping centers, modern malls, and beauty salons.

So if you are looking for the top beauty salons in North Riyadh, we have a list here to help you out.

Elegant Touches

The beauty salon is located in Al Sahafa area, and they offer every beauty service a woman needs, from manicures, hair treatments, makeup, and skincare.

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Five Beauty Center

Five Beauty Center is located on the road of Anas Bin Malek. They offer a team of professionals in all beauty areas.

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N7sis Salon

One of the first Saudi salons for women with a Saudi staff, the team consists of professionals in everything beauty. The beauty salon is owned by 7 sisters and their mother who's name is Nora, this is why the salon is called N7sis.

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Lavender Beauty

What makes this beauty salon special is that they offer home services, and send a team of their beauty experts to your home. They offer many services such as manicures, massages, hair and skin care.

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Iloite Salon

Iolite salon offers everything a woman needs for her beauty, from hair styling, manicures, to makeup and lashes.

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Beautique salon is located in Al Sahafa area and offers many amazing services, from manicures, haircuts, and styling, to hair coloring, and hair treatments.

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