New Trend Alert: Exchanging of Vows in Non Western Weddings

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New Trend Alert: Exchanging of Vows in Non Western Weddings

The practice of the exchange of vows between couples is a western tradition that is traced back to British medieval times. Wedding vows are promises that a couple makes to each other in front of their family and friends at their wedding ceremony. Following the recitation of vows the couple, normally, exchange their wedding rings. 

Traditional wedding practices, including this one, are still used in many modern weddings. It’s very popular today for couples to write their own personalized wedding vows containing sentiments of love and devotion to their partner and read these aloud during the ceremony.

What we have recently started noticing is that the 'exchange of vows' is making its way into some Indian weddings in Dubai and some modern Arab weddings. 

We asked Theresa Du Toit, an international destination wedding celebrant based in Dubai, to shed some light on this seemingly new trend. 

"Weddings are fabulous! Weddings are all about love and romance! Weddings are joyful celebrations of love! Celebrating the fact that two people found each other, their hearts connected, love cast her magic spell, and they fell in love! It's a wonderful alchemy of feelings, emotions, deep connections and sheer utter radiant bliss!", says Theresa. 

"Dubai is a city of so many cultures, and it's not unusual that couples getting married in Dubai  are from different cultures. I love this, as I believe it adds such a richness to their marriage: taking the best from their respective cultures, and creating a new culture.  How fabulous is this!", adds Theresa. 

And as Theresa is a believer that the Exchange of Vows and the Exchange of Rings will be adopted by more and more culturally diverse couples, she sheds more light on this trend below. 

Exchanging Vows

This is very much part of the European or Western wedding ceremonies, and it's such a beautiful meaningful moment. This is when the bride and groom share personal vows with each other; they can make it as personal as they wish. They express their love and dreams for their life together. There is no rule as to what they can say.  

Alternatively, they can opt for the traditional wordings of the vows, where they promise their love and support for each other, through all the seasons of life.  

Both are very beautiful and deeply meaningful. 


Exchanging Rings

A very special moment in the ceremony when the bride and groom exchange rings with each other, whilst saying something deeply meaningful as they place the ring on each other's finger. The rings are a symbol of their love for one another, and it's such a joyful moment!


Exchange of Vows at an Indian Wedding

Theresa says: "I am the very first wedding celebrant in the UAE to have conducted this ceremony at an Indian wedding, which had 500 guests! I joined them on stage, shared a few words of love, life and wisdom, then they exchanged their vows, and exchanged the rings! It was absolutely magical to have this as part of the evening festivities, and it was a very special moment indeed! Absolutely fabulous!

So, why not follow this new trend? Why not bring in something very different to your wedding ceremony, adding a Western touch to your celebration? 

Wedding ceremonies are constantly evolving, and couples love to have a very personal element added to their weddings. Are you ready to follow this new trend? Ready to set the pace of something new?", asks Theresa.  

Theresa Du Toit, Wedding Celebrant, Marriage Enrichment Specialist

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