Nontraditional Bridal Tiaras from Trollbeads

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Nontraditional Bridal Tiaras from Trollbeads

Are you a nontraditional bride and looking for a unique detail to add to your bridal look? If so, you will love these tiaras we have for you.

The Danish brand Trollbeads released a collection of stunning tiaras for the nontraditional bride.

The tiaras are unique and feature a customisable band with interchangeabl beads.

What makes these tiaras unique is that you can design them to suit every color scheme or style you want.

You can mix and match and make your own personal tiara! 


The beads on your tiara can later be added to a bracelet, necklace, or ring, for you to cherish forever.

Take a look at those beautiful and feminine tiaras by Trollbeads:








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