Orange Wedding Ideas for All Seasons

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Orange Wedding Ideas for All Seasons

Orange might not be your typical wedding color but if used right it can look absolutely beautiful. Having an orange wedding is not only different but fun as well!

Orange is considered to be a happy color that adds joy to anything, so why not include it in your wedding?

What we love about the orange color is that it can be used in any season, for example use bright orange hues for a spring or summer wedding, and go for darker or burnt orange shades for a fall or winter wedding.

You can combine orange with many different colors and make it pop such as white, ivory, purple, yellow, and gold.

Whether it is your bridal bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, your wedding cake, or any other wedding detail, here are some beautiful orange combinations and wedding ideas and inspiration:


Orange and Purple Wedding

This is a color combination your guests will be surprised to see! Purple and orange make a beautiful color combination that can be used in all seasons.

For example, in fall or winter go for eggplant purple and rustic deep orange, as for summer or spring, choose a lighter shade of lavender and coral.

Orange and purple compliment each other very nicely and look magical with the right lighting.

Purple adds elegance, richness, and royalty to your wedding, while orange adds more personality, boldness, and warmth.

Orange and Ivory Wedding

If you’re looking for an elegant color combination with a touch of fun and freshness, how about an ivory and orange combination for your wedding?

This color combination is perfect for the classic couple who still wants to add a spring vibe to their spring wedding.

Want to add some sparkle and glamour? Gold goes perfectly well with this color combination, so use it to accent some areas and details in your wedding.

What we love about this color combination is that it can be perfect for an outdoor spring or summer wedding, but can also look very elegant for an indoor wedding, as well, if you use a darker orange shade, like burnt orange.

Orange and Yellow Wedding

Let’s celebrate with some bright and fresh colors like yellow and orange. 

Mix and match different shades of orange,  such as bright orange, pumpkin orange, rusty orange, and coral orange.

The same goes for yellow shades; you can mix and match yellow shades such as canary yellow and mustard yellow, and get a vibrant and vivid color scheme that will wow your guests. 

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