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Orchids and Emerald Wedding in Doha

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Orchids and Emerald Wedding in Doha

A magnificent wedding took place in Doha, Qatar, planned by the brilliant team of Occasions Events. This marvelous wedding was all about mixing contemporary elements with nature.

The team of Occasions Events mixed contemporary golden elements with violet floral installations and centerpieces for a timeless ambiance.

The ceiling was filled with suspended golden elements, which add a luxurious and modern touch to the overall wedding theme.

The walls of the entrance were all decorated with gold pipe installments filled with violet orchids and greenery.

To add a warm and glamorous touch to the wedding, emerald green seats were chosen, adding a vibrant touch to the area.

The ivory and cream hues created a delicate and elegant base to the mix of gold, emerald green, and violet colors which together created a heavenly and timeless combination.

Wedding Planner: Occasions Events

Wedding Venue: St. Regis Doha