The Magical Wedding of Sara and Ghassan

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The Magical Wedding of Sara and Ghassan

The beautiful Sara Abu Obeid married her love Ghassan El Efrangy in Amman, Jordan.

Wedding Venue: Four Seasons Hotel, Amman, Jordan

Groom's Tuxedo: Boggi

Wedding Dress: A custom made wedding dress by Sposabella

Bridal Headpiece: Sposabella

Bridal Hair: Leon El Hajj

Bridal Makeup: Jakob Lambaz

Wedding Planner: Sensation Events

Wedding Photographer: Alaa Qattouri

What is the best advice you can give to future brides and grooms who are planning their wedding?

My advice to all the brides is to enjoy planning for their big day and to always stay positive. Let your wedding be a memorable day for you to look back and remember how much you had fun planning and celebrating. Surround yourself with your family and friends because without them there will be no life to your party.