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Rebecca Ingram Wedding Dresses 2020 - Affordable Luxury

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Rebecca Ingram Wedding Dresses 2020 - Affordable Luxury

Launched in 2016, this line is named in honour of Maggie Sottero’s daughter, Rebecca Ingram, who successfully crafts affordable wedding dresses which maintain the luxury style of Maggie’s collections, while creating something for those brides who want to spend less on the dress and more on the wedding itself. 

Using flirty embellishments and fabrics from the 21st century, Rebecca Ingram Wedding Dresses for 2020 give the illusion of tradition, but play with contemporary style to allow brides to really make a statement as they walk down that aisle towards the love of their life.

These simple and elegant weddinng dresses come from a place of infinite possibilities and unparalleled certainty. They juxtapose entities we never thought possible, but do so immaculately. This is why if you choose one of these Rebecca Ingram designs you can be sure that you won’t have to compromise your wedding budget in order to get the perfect dress!

Take a look through this gallery to find exactly what you have been looking for at an affordable price: