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5 Actions That Could Break Your Man’s Heart

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5 Actions That Could Break Your Man’s Heart

As the world has it, women are more sensitive than men, but men can also get heart broken and hurt.
If you love your partner and want to avoid hurting him, these are the 5 most common things that could hurt men:

#1 Lies: Surely all of us have let out a white lie every now and then, but lying about something to do with your relationship can really hurt your man.Always tell him how you feel and never lie when it comes to future plans or your expectations, in order to avoid conflict later on. Men hate to be surprised by a fact they never knew of.

#2 Cheating: That’s certainly a given! When you get to know your partner, asking him about what he considers as cheating, and what he considers as a red line is very important, especially when it comes to Arab men.The definition of cheating can vary greatly from one couple to another, so make sure both of you are familiar with that red line.

#3 Moving: Moving from one city to another, whether for your job or other reasons, and for long periods of time will make your partner feel like he comes in second place, rather than your priority. So if you have family abroad, or your work demands you to travel a lot, discuss this with him, know how he feels about it, and try to compromise when possible.

#4 Showing off: Don't be a show off, playing hard to get is a whole different thing than making him feel like he's not important.Never make him feel that you are better than him in anyway, as this might hurt himand backfire on you.

#5 Don't ignore your femininity: Being feminine is why men love women, take care of yourself and don't ignore the small details that could add to your femininity. Equality is one thing, but that doesn’t mean that men should not act like men, and women should not act like women. Some women change completely once they get close to their partner and this will make him feel that you've changed to another person.