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Dealing with a Groomzilla

Although they are very rare, Groomzillas do exist! If you feel your future husband is taking over the wedding planning, worrying about wedding details and fighting with the caterer, you are probably about to marry a Groomzilla.

We know Brad Pitt has been called a “Groomzilla” ever since he and Angelina Jolie got engaged, he’s been obsessing over every single wedding detail.

Yes, we do encourage the groom to take part in planning the wedding, but having a meltdown over the flower arrangements is a bit too much.

But remember this day is about both the bride and groom, and they should plan it together, so here is how you can help keep your Groomzilla calm:

Keep him busy: Give your groom tasks that you are dreading to work on, like sending the invitations or and hiring a DJ.

Time out: Take a break from wedding planning every now and then, go on a trip, dinner or any other activity your groom enjoys, to help him relax and keep his mind off planning.

Wake up call: If you feel that your groom is worrying too much about whether the centerpieces are pink or yellow, remind him that weddings are supposed to be fun and easy, and that he should now worry about the details.