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Marrying an Older Man: What You Need to Know

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Marrying an Older Man: What You Need to Know

Is your fiancé much older than you? Although older men are said to be more mature, stable and family oriented, there are 2 main things you should keep in mind in order to always have a great relationship with your future husband.

Be Equals: Older men tend to feel more responsible of their younger wives; they feel more mature and therefore think they are the ones who should make the big decisions.

So let your partner know that you are aware of this and that you are capable of making decisions with him. He will also feel more relieved in return.

Common Goals: Your partner will be more in control of his future and will probably know exactly what he wants, and since you are younger than him this might not be your case.

Make sure you appreciate your partner’s stability but also make sure he understands that you have goals and dreams as well and that you need his support to reach them.