Where to Go on a Date in Jordan

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Where to Go on a Date in Jordan

Are you bored of the same old places you go to every time you take your special someone out on a date?

Jordan has many interesting and exciting places to visit with the one you love, but sometimes these places can be really expensive. So we chose a few things that you could enjoy doing together and places to visit without spending a fortune.

Umm Qais:Take your partner on a day trip to Umm Qais, the ruins of the Roman city of Gadara in the north of Jordan. Spend quality time with your partner walking around the archeological site, enjoying the beautiful scenery that overlooks Palestine and Syria, and then relax at the Resthouse which serves delicious Lebanese-Style cuisine.

Beit Sitti:For food lovers, we recommend you go to Beit Sitti in Jabal Alweibdeh. A cozy house where you can both learn how to cook a great Arabic grandma-style meal and eat it too! You will both enjoy learning how to make an appetizer, salad, main dish and dessert, which will come in very handy for the newly weds.

Wadi Al-Hasa:For the adventurous couple, Wadi Al-Hasa is the place to go. You will be swimming, sliding, climbing and hiking all day with a guide who will take you through this beautiful area. Pack a light lunch and enjoy a great day out.

The Rainbow Theater:Located in Jabal Amman, and recently remodeled, this theater shows a range of Hollywood, Arabic movies, documentaries and local short films. A beautiful way to spend quality time together discussing the movie and strolling down Rainbow street that is full of small eateries and cafés.

Nadi Al-Jawad:How does horseback riding sound? It’s a great way to spend time with the one you love! Even if you haven’t done it before, you can go for a beginners ride on the same horse or two different ones.

Jabal Al-Qala'a:Visit this historic site next to the citadel in Amman, and while you're there, try kite flying around sunset; simply beautiful.

Paintball Jordan:Looking for something really fun to do? Visit Paintball Jordan just off the airport highway. We guarantee that you will not stop laughing the whole time.

Art Galleries:Do you or your partner love art? Then go gallery hopping in Amman. It won't cost you a thing. Make sure to visit Darat Al-Funun in Jabal Amman, Dar Al-Anda in Al-Weibdeh, Foresight Gallery by the 6th circle and Nabad Gallery off Rainbow street.

Watch the Sunset:Take your loved one for a quick drive to any of Amman's hills for a stunning and romantic view of the sunset. Even better, drive to the Dead Sea Panorama, where you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the sunset reflecting over the Dead Sea.

The Children's Museum:Believe it or not this museum is not only fun for children! Bring out your inner child and take your date to play with all the games there, you might even learn a thing or two.

The Royal Automobile Museum:Go to see the great automobile collection going back to the time of the Great Arab Revolt, including a collection of King Hussein's cars and motorbikes.

Jordan has so many beautiful places to explore, you just have to keep a fresh eye, an open mind and your sense of adventure ready!



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