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Your First Eid Vacation as a Couple

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Your First Eid Vacation as a Couple

Is this your first Eid as a married couple? Are you planning on going away for a few days?

The first trip or vacation with your partner is a very big relationship step that you will both experience.

So here are 5 things to expect on your first Eid vacation as a married couple:

  • Delays: One of you will run late, forget his/her passport, your plane might get delayed, but as long as you keep calm, laugh, and find a way to make fun of the situation and make it more pleasant, it’s going to be ok.
  • No Technology: let’s hope you don’t have as much time to check your messages and emails, so you can get to see your partner in a new technology-free angle.
  • You’ll Probably Get Lost: Don’t panic if you get lost during your tour, instead consider it a thrilling adventure.
  • Accept His/Her Little Habits: Yes some habits will drive you crazy, but consider if it is worth it to snap at your partner and have an argument that will eventually not lead anywhere
  • Discover Each Other: You will see a side of your partner you have not seen before, even on your honeymoon, he/she might be the type of person who panics a lot, or has zero sense of direction, or maybe he/she has a great way of communicating with the locals, and is a lot more relaxed than you thought.