The Right Ways to Announce Your Engagement

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The Right Ways to Announce Your Engagement

So the love of your life got down on one knee and proposed? Now it’s time to tell the world!

Once you say “YES”, many questions will start popping in your head, if you’re a bride who wants to always do what’s right, you have to follow the tips we have for you.

Many brides get confused about how they should announce their engagement and some brides even make some mistakes they regret later!

But when it comes to announcing your engagement to your friends and family there are some rules or advice you should follow.

Here is everything you need to know on how to announce your engagement to the world.

How to Announce Your Engagement

Here are 4 ways to help you announce your engagement to everyone the right way:

  • Face to Face: Your parents, siblings, and immediate family should know the news from your face to face. If you live in another country, then you can always use Skype, Viber, Face Time..., or even make the effort to go see them and tell them in person.  Once he proposed you will want to tell everyone you know, but the first people who should know about your engagement are your parents, you can, later on, tell the rest of your family and friends.
  • On The Phone: The next most intimate way to tell someone about your engagement is on the phone, such as your friends, cousins, and relatives who live far away.
  • Through Email: If you have friends that you rarely contact but usually communicate with through emails, then why not send them a quick note on your latest updates?
  • Social Media: You can definitely share your engagement news on social media, but make sure the ones close to you already know and you have contacted them in person before sharing the news on social media with the rest of the world.

Sharing on Social Media

We really think it’s great that grooms and brides get to share their excitement with their friends and families, but there are a few social media etiquette tips you need to follow.

  • Tell Your Family and Friends First: Announce your engagement to your close friends and family before posting it on Facebook or Tweeting about it; the ones closest to you will not like knowing about your engagement or wedding on social media networks.
  • Changing Your Relationship Status: There is no right time to change your status or last name (if you are doing so) on your social media networks, you and your partner decide whenever is best for you, whether it’s now, later or never.
  • Don’t Ignore the Paper Invites: Yes you can send your ‘save the date’ and pre or post-wedding party invitations online, but your wedding invitations should always be sent the traditional way.
  • Encourage Your Guests: Inform your guests that you are OK with their sharing your wedding pictures and details on their own Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, etc. Some of your family members or friends might think you object to the idea.
  • As for the tech-savvy couple, here is an idea: have a laptop, a projector and screen and ask your guests to tweet their feedback and comments. Watch other tweets scroll over the screen, or live stream photos and short clips of the wedding.
  • Share Your Own:  Want to post a picture of your beautiful ring? Go for it; just keep the cost and carat a secret.
  • Don’t Complain: Do not share your wedding drama and bridezilla moments with your guests, keep a happy vibe to it.
  • The Wedding Tweeter: You might be able to tweet or update your Facebook status once or twice on your wedding day, but don’t overdo it. We don’t think a bride should be stuck to her phone on her wedding day! So assign someone to update your social networks for you. 

How NOT to Announce Your Engagement

You can announce your engagement however you want but not in these situations:

  • At someone else’s engagement party: It’s another person’s time to shine, wait till the event is over and announce it later.
  • After someone tells you their bad news: This is not the right time to tell them about your happy news.
  • During a meeting at work: You should of course tell your colleagues and boss, but not during a serious meeting. Wait till the meeting is over, or maybe announce it during your lunch break.
  • When it’s too early: Don’t announce your engagement to the world if you have only TALKED about getting engaged to your partner, wait until it is official.
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