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Sparkling Bridal Headpiece Forehead

Sparkling Bridal Headpiece Forehead

Every bride looks for the perfect accessories to add a unique touch to her bridal look. We spotted many elegant and stylish hair accessories for the bride on the red carpet and fashion shows.

One of the latest bridal trends in the bridal headband or the bridal headpiece forehead that cover the front part of the head, and sometimes slips down a few inches to cover the forehead as well.

This trend is great for brides who have a big forehead, especially if the bride is planning on having her hair in an updo.

This accessory is also great for brides who wear hijab as well as they can wear it on their forehead as well to add a unique touch.

Lebanese diva Nawal Al Zoughbi has worn this accessory during her performance on Valentine's day aired on MTV a few years ago. For brides looking for unique bridal headpieces in Lebanon click here!

So why not consider this bridal hair trend? Take a look at some of these glamorous accessories and get some inspiration.

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