A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Elmas Events

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Elmas Events

Elmas Events is a relatively new company. It was founded in 2012 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by a group of specialists with over ten years of experience in management, marketing, and events management.

“Elmas means diamond in Arabic & Turkish languages, and as a diamond, we make events sparkle and leave a lasting and happy impression. Our dynamism means that we cater for all wedding and event needs and come up with novel ideas and concepts,”, that’s how the company describes itself.

We had the chance to ask Elmas a few questions about wedding planning. Here are their answers:

  • What are hottest trends in weddings this season?

Striped black and white with fuchsia flowers arrangement is a hot trend this year. Classic weddings are also back in fashion.

  • Can a bride and groom have their wedding on a budget?

Yes, of course they can; careful planning and early preparation help reduce the cost. And working closely with the wedding planner will facilitate realizing their dreams with the lowest cost possible. Concentrating on the main elements and details that add value to the wedding will help the bride and groom stay within the budget. 


Once a couple asked me to have a bouncy castle for children in their beach wedding party

  • How can a wedding planner help the bride and groom plan their wedding on a budget? 

The importance of a wedding planner to the couple is being able to help the bride and groom prepare the wedding of their dreams by giving the right advice on what to spend the budget on and how to save money.  The more experience the wedding planner has, the more she/he will be able to help the bride and groom.  

Working closely with the couple, will help the wedding planner give the right advice based on their needs and dreams. Choosing the right venue, choosing the right season for the wedding, choosing the centerpieces, the flowers and the wedding stage can be very tricky, but with the help of an experienced wedding planner they may be able to save money and stay within budget.


  • What is the most outrageous thing a couple has asked to have at their wedding?

Once a couple asked me to have a bouncy castle for children in their beach wedding party, which I found to be weird to have, as people don't normally prefer to have children in their wedding parties.


With the help of an experienced wedding planner they may be able to save money and stay within budget

  • What is the most favorite wedding you organized and why? What elements did it include? Where was it held?

My favorite wedding we organized was a beach wedding in Obhur, Jeddah.  It took us three months to prepare for the wedding.

The main wedding party was around the swimming pool area with 350 wedding guests.  It was a challenge since the space was tight. The wedding stage and Kosha were very simple and elegant.  

The lighting played a big role in that wedding.  White, green and a hint of baby pink were the main colors used in the wedding.  

Wedding Planners

The bride's mum was dreaming to have fireworks when her daughter arrives to the wedding stage, but unfortunately due to the Civil Defense regulations in Saudi Arabia we couldn't have them.  But as a surprise to both the bride and her mum, we installed safety fireworks around the swimming pool.  When the bride and groom were about to cut the cake, the fireworks went on creating a fabulous image and a wonderful surprise to all the wedding guests.  

The wedding was full of candles which added a romantic atmosphere throughout that magical night.

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