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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Rasha Sadek of 800 Flower

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Rasha Sadek of 800 Flower

Rasha Sadek, Managing Partner at 800 flower in Dubai, used to work at an advertising agency but had always dreamed of being her own boss.

She resigned from her job and started her own company in Dubai 4 years ago with a plan for doing something that would allow her to be creative and meet new people.

Her husband proposed a business centered on flowers, and that is how the very successful 800 flower business was conceived.

We met with Rasha Sadek in Dubai and asked her to share with us her insight and advice on bridal flowers.

  • What are the services that you offer to brides and grooms-to-be?

800 flower accommodates all budgets, from small, decorative bouquets to full-scale floral features.

We take care of every aspect of a flower display, including styling, if necessary. The process starts with a free consultancy with the couple, where we brainstorm together and discuss possible themes and arrangement options.



  • What are the hottest flower trends and centerpieces this fall/winter season?

Popular centerpieces are pastel combinations because they come out extremely elegant in the wedding photographs. The hottest trend at present is electric blue and yellow combined together. This color combination works very well in an outdoor wedding with lots of colour and greenery around.

"The hottest trend at present is electric blue and yellow combined together..."

  • What are the top tips that you would give a bride regarding her flower bouquets, the centerpieces and the Kosha?

#1 A bride should always take the color and style of her dress into consideration. A bridal bouquet should match the dress by offering a contrast and not clash with it. Simple bouquets work best for puffy dresses, while creative or mixed floral bouquets work better with simple dresses.

#2 The centerpiece should reflect the style of the wedding in terms of arrangement and hues, with brighter blooms suiting a colourful wedding and white flowers a more traditional wedding.

#3 With regards to the Kosha, the couple needs to first decide if they are having a grand Kosha or if they prefer smaller tables. Whatever their decision, it needs to be coherent and in harmony with the rest of the venue and the flowers that are going to be placed there.

  • Is the trend for ordering wedding flowers online picking up in the Middle East? Please elaborate.

In this part of the world, this is not the trend. Brides-to-be here like to go to a flower shop and pick their own blooms and arrangements for their big day.

They feel more comfortable when they can see their imagined concepts placed in front of them. 800 flower has been in the business for almost four years now and as yet, hasn’t received any request for wedding flowers online, although we do provide this service.

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