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Tips For a Perfect New Year's Eve Wedding

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Tips For a Perfect New Year Wedding

A New Year’s Eve wedding is always a wonderful idea, because everyone is already on holiday and have the next day off, so everyone will be in the mood to celebrate and stay up late.

Your wedding guests will celebrate your love and the new year on the same day, which will make it a very fun night.

New Year’s weddings are very special and should be planned accordingly! Make your wedding stand out and let it be unique just like New Year’s Eve.

Here are some great tips that will help you plan the perfect New Year’s Eve wedding:


Plan Early

All weddings need to be worked on and planned ahead of time but for a New Year's Eve wedding, you should plan even earlier! Hotels and venues are always fully booked well ahead of time not only for weddings but for New Year's Eve parties.

So try to book your wedding as advance as possible to secure your venue and vendors as well.

Send Your Save The Dates Earlier Than Usual

Most people make plans for December 31st ahead of time, whether it is to travel, attend an event, or spend time with their families, so make sure you send out save the dates well ahead of time.

Before you book your wedding venue and set the date make sure your close family members are all available in town on that date.

Countdown to Midnight

The most important part of a New Year’s Eve wedding is the countdown! So make sure you have a plan for that, ask your DJ and light experts to organize something special for the countdown.

Nothing says New Year’s celebration like sparklers, so make sure your guests join in on the fun by providing them with sparklers before the countdown.

Late Night Snacks

New Year’s Eve celebrations are known to stay very late, so plan your wedding accordingly, your wedding guests will probably want to celebrate all night.

Why not treat your guests with a late-night snack after midnight? 

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Children at Your Wedding

If you’re planning on having children at your wedding, then they probably won’t be able to up stay till 12:00 a.m and after, and you don’t want their parents to feel like they have to leave your wedding to put their children into bed, so ask your venue if they can give you one more room or if they have space for children to rest and hire a babysitter to look after them.

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