The Top 5 Wedding Planners in Jeddah

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The Top 5 Wedding Planners in Jeddah

If you're a lucky bride getting married in the Saudi city of Jeddah, dubbed as "The Bride of The Red Sea", then you are also lucky to have some of the most talented and famous wedding planners based in your city. 

Jeddah is filled with talented wedding planners, but there are a few names that gained high popularity even around the gulf region.

With the wide number of wedding planners in Saudi Arabia it might be difficult to know which wedding planners are the best. This is why we chose some of the most talented and famous wedding planners for you to check out and contact for your dream wedding!

Take a look at some of the top wedding planners in Jeddah:


Lace Events

Lace specializes in designing and producing timeless events tailored to your every need. Lace creates countless atmospheres that will not fail to take your breath away. Sarah Al Dabbagh the owner of Lace will create a magical and unique world for your wedding.

Take a look at this breathtaking wedding by Lace Events with the theme of Under The Blush Sky!

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Ghadeer Ashoor

Ghadeer Ashoor will take your wedding to the next level, she is known for her rich and luxurious style, if you choose Ghadeer Ashoor to plan your wedding, you are one of the luckiest brides in Jeddah.

Take a look at this Wanderlust Wedding By Ghadeer Ashoor right here!

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Mohammad Al Rahbini

For one of a kind wedding themes and color combinations, Mohammad Al Rahbini is your go to wedding planner. 

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Abdulaziz Alnoman Floral and Wedding Designer

Abdulaziz Al Noman has become popular in Saudi Arabia for his amazing floral designs, his talent and experience have made him one of the most popular wedding planners and wedding designers in the industry.

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Amjad Yamani

A young Saudi wedding planner with a unique touch, Amjad loves to create elegant and fancy weddings, with his professionalism and creativity you will have the wedding of your dreams.

Take a look at this luxurious Dove Themed Wedding by Amjad Yamani!

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