Top Abaya Shops in Dubai

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Top Abaya Shops in Dubai

Abayas are usually worn for a modest look, it is also a tradition in many countries for ladies to wear abayas whether they wear a hijab or not, these days abayas are taking over the Middle East and becoming a huge trend. Abayas have always had a certain elegance to them, although black abayas are the most popular choice, many ladies have been taking their black abayas to another level, making them more modern and stylish, and many love to wear them during Ramadan and Eid and other special events.

With the different styles and designs of abayas these days, a bride to be doesn't always know which place has the style of abaya that she is looking for, especially with all the Dubai abaya shops available. And because abayas are a staple item in most of the women's closets, they are always looking for the best places to find good quality and elegant abayas.

To make sure you are always stylish and on-trend, make sure you find out the latest abaya designs in Dubai.

Many abaya shops and boutiques in Dubai offer other services than selling abayas, they also offer to tailor and customized abaya designs if you want, all you have to do is to look for the right place in Dubai.

To help you out, here are the Dubai abaya shops where you can find the most beautiful abayas in Dubai in:


Crafted from the vivid dreams of its inspiring Founder and Designer, Rafia Helal Bin Drai, Mauzan was born in 1990 in the United Arab Emirates. The Mauzan fashion creations speak to women and celebrate the Abaya and Sheila as powerful expressions of a woman’s individuality.


Founded 3 decades ago in Dubai, Kashkha meaning ‘Beautiful’ in Arabic has long been recognized as a leading retail brand offering affordable and stylish modest fashion to the self-confident Muslim woman. Kashkha was established with a clear objective- that of weaving tradition with contemporary fashion. 

Chika Collection

A creative encounter between Middle Eastern sensibility and Japanese aesthetics. Crafted with love and attention to detail, they favor the creative process over seasonal trends. The collection consists of luxurious artisan-made silk kimonos, abayas, kaftans, and dresses customized to suit Gulf sensibility.

Bedazzled Boutique

Established by Fatima and Shayma Alsouwaidi, their abayas are always on-trend and elegant, they also offer dresses and outfits perfect for hijab and a modest look.


Arabesque French designer, Judith Duriez was brought up in an environment of true love for art. Today Arabesque has earned a GCC wide reputation as a trendsetter in the world of sheilas and abayas. Bringing together bespoke French tailoring, the fine workmanship of the Haute Couture atelier and the impeccable finish, it is the brand of choice for women with a strong sense of style and uncompromising about quality.

Effa Fashion

Effa Al Dabbagh is the Creative Director of her eponymous label. Born in Saudi Arabia, Effa graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fashion from the UK. The Effa Al Dabbagh brand of Ready To Wear and Effa brand of Abaya Couture are made for the truly glamorous and sophisticated, modern woman. 

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