The Top Beauty Salons in Jordan

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The Top Beauty Salons in Jordan

Once you get engaged you start planning your wedding and every event and party leading to your big day. Which also means you will be booking many hair and makeup and beauty appointments.

As a bride to be all eyes will be on you especially on your wedding day, and every bride dreams of how she will look on this magical day from her hair and makeup to her wedding dress.

For brides getting married in Jordan, there are some amazing and professional beauty salons that are considered to be some of the best in the Middle East.

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Here are some of the top beauty salons based in Jordan and its capital Amman, for all the beautiful brides to be to check out.

Amal Abdullah Beauty Lounge

Amal Abdullah Beauty Lounge

Amal's Beauty Lounge, a fully ranged beauty center that is synonymous with luxury. Committed to keeping clients looking and feeling their best, Amal's Beauty Lounge is characterized by its conviviality, artistry, and constant innovation.

Hair and makeup are a form of expression and style, like a piece of art or canvas. They are inspired by the poetic beauty of the ladies and the dynamic fashion industry that surrounds us. They are committed to creating the perfect style for each and every one of their clients. The staff members are recognized as industry experts, committed to innovation and precision. 

Bob Beauty Lounge

Bob Beauty Lounge

Bob Beauty Lounge is one of it's kind in Jordan, they opened their doors on 10/10/2010, and just as the date sounds, they have been developing their services in a harmony sequence according to their plan, to make sure they provide their customers with the finest beauty services have been experienced ever.

Throughout their journey, they made sure to keep up with the latest fashion to meet and even exceed their customers' expectations. Following their plans, they added lots of services to their menu, such as manicure, pedicure, wax, facial, tattoos, henna, and many more services.

Gorgeous Beauty Center

Gorgeous Beauty Center

Gorgeous Beauty Center is one of the top beauty centers in Amman, Jordan. The beauty center offers extensions, straightening, hair and beauty treatments, and other high-end professional services and the latest trends and technology in hair care. 

Jakob Lambaz

Jakob Lambaz

Jakob Lambaz Beauty House is owned by famous makeup artist Jakob Lambaz.

Jakob Lambaz is one of the most popular makeup artists in Amman, Jordan and now brides can enjoy all the beauty services they need at the Jakob Lambaz Beauty House.


Maison de Joelle

Joelle Beauty Center is a one-place professional beauty center in Jordan that offers all services needed for beauties and brides for all occasions.

They provide professional services with their expert teams such as hairstyling, makeup, beauty care, nail art, tattoo, and much more.

Tareq Musharbash

Tareq Musharbash Salon

Considered to be one of the top beauty salons in Amman, the salon is also the winner of " Beauty Salon Of The Year" in the "Living Well Awards Competition".

They cover all your beauty needs in one place, Tareq Musharbash is a popular choice among brides in Amman.

The Spot

The Spot

The Spot has become one of the favorite beauty destinations among women in Amman, Jordan.

Makeup artist, Talah Al Alami's fans and followers all love to have their makeup done by this talented artist who is also owner of The Spot.

The Spot offers all your beauty services under one roof!

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