The Top Makeup Artists in Jordan

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The Top Makeup Artists in Jordan

Women in Jordan are known for their love for everything beauty, especially makeup, especially brides, who are always looking for the best makeup artists and always keeping up with the top makeup trends.

Jordan is seeing a big increase in the number of makeup artists and we must say they are all super talented, makeup artists in Jordan have been experts in the field for years! And any bride getting married in Jordan has nothing to worry about when it comes to finding talented makeup artists because we assure you all of those loved makeup artists are super talented and each has his/her own technique and style.

Whether you like a simple and natural makeup look or a more glamorous makeup look, a talented makeup artist will know exactly what suits your style, face, and skin tones.

You are definitely in good hands when it comes to choosing one of those makeup artists loved by most brides in Amman.

Check out the makeup artists we have for you (in no specific order):

Jakob Lambaz

Jakob Lambaz, is a skillful, charming, and enthusiastic makeup artist, and photographer - you can see his love for art in everything he does.

Jakob Lambaz is Brand Ambassador at Benefit Cosmetics, Co-founder at Jakoblambaz Makeup Room and Makeup Artist / Photographer at THE VOW.

Jakob Lambaz has become a favorite among brides in the Middle East, with his amazing skills in blending, sculpting, and highlighting.

Jakob has worked with many celebrities such as Diana Karazon, Shatha Hassoun, Amal Anbary, Maryam Hussein, Zain Karazon, Zeezee Adel and many others.

Jakob is also working for the fisrt time in one of the best shows at MBC - The Voice, as MAC is taking over the responsibility to glam The Voice contestants.

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Bob Berri

Bob Berri has become one of the most popular Lebanese makeup artists in the Middle East and especially among Jordanian brides who love his makeup techniques and creativity.

Bob Berri is the owner of S&B Salon and the founder of Bob Lashes. Bob launched his new handcrafted mink lashes line and they are simply the best in the industry.

Bob worked his magic on many celebrities Zeina Reda, Zain Karazon, and Lojain Omran, and of course many others.

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Pierre Lahoud

Pierre Lahoud is one of the famous and talented makeup artists, beauty consultants and skincare experts in Jordan. Pierre  was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. With a certificate in makeup and skincare from YWCA – Lebanon and an intensive course from Lancôme – Paris, Pierre started his career path as a makeup artist in Beirut working with actors and models in Baalbek Festival, Theater, and Cinema and TV commercials.

Pierre moved to Jordan in 2002 to work as a beauty editor and makeup artist and make up creative director for several well-known lifestyle and fashion magazines (Living Well, U Magazine) as well as, working with Chanel (Jordan).

Aline Watfa, Sabaa Mubarak,  and Nadine Labki are only a few of the celebrities Pierre has worked with.

Pierre owns his makeup studio, where he welcomes his beauties daily.


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Amal Abdullah

Amal Abdullah is not only a talented makeup artist in Jordan, but she is also the owner of Amal Abadullah Beauty Salon, which offers a full range of services to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Amal Abdullah has become the expert in Jordan when it comes to brides and their looks. In addition to being a bridal beauty expert, she also opened a bridal boutique in Amman selling wedding dresses.

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Nada Al Agha

Nada Al Agha is a certified Make Up Artist and microblading artist and owner of her own beauty lounge in Amman.

Manal Al Agha is known for her talent in shaping and microblading eyebrows. She is also known among brides for her unique and super creative makeup looks. Brides who love to break traditions and take everyone's breaths away should consider Nada for her big day.

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Talah Al Alami

Talah Al Alami is one of the most popular divas in Amman, known for her beauty, love for fashion and makeup. Talah started her career in makeup and became instantly popular in Amman's beauty industry.

Talah Al Alami has become every bride's go-to when it comes to trendy and stylish makeup looks. Ladies of Amman love her videos where she shares the best skin and makeup tips and all the best products she uses.

Not only is Talah a talented makeup artist, but she is also the owner of The Spot, one of Amman's top beauty salons.

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Rashed Toghuj

Rashed Toghuj started his journey as a hobby working his way off in the art stream leading him to makeup, which turned out to be his passion.

He started working among the best since the very beginning which gave him a push in the field. Rashed is now a member of Jakob Lambaz' team in Amman.

Growing up doing "beauty makeup" and keeping himself updated, led him to his other hobby which is "special effects". Since that day Rashed decided to focus on that and upgraded his career from a hobby to being the first person in Jordan to be certified as a "special effects" artist.

Working in film, commercials, and video clips gave him a good experience and background on TV and artistic makeup.


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