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The Top Catering Companies in Kuwait

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The Top Catering Companies in Kuwait

Weddings in the Middle East and especially in the GCC are known to be somewhat fancy and glamorous, Arab weddings have a lot of details that add a touch of elegance and richness to the wedding, from the wedding decor, flower arrangements, to the catering and fancy dinner, Arab weddings are all about hospitality and generosity.

When it comes to weddings in Kuwait, brides are always making sure to serve the best for their guests, they are always looking for the trendiest and most creative ideas to present to their wedding guests, this is why they make sure to pick the right catering company for their wedding day.

This is why we decided to help you out and save you a lot of time by sharing this list of the top catering companies in Kuwait.


Karam Al Arabi for Catering Services - Kuwait

Karam Al Arabi for Catering Services

Al-Karam Al-Arabi for Catering Services Limited operating under the trade name of Karam Services is a part of Xenel Industries, one of the largest and oldest groups of companies of Saudi Arabia with diversified business interests.

Luscious Catering - Kuwait

Luscious Catering

Luscious Catering will take the worry out of your next event. They deliver top quality catering service from set-up to clean-up for a variety of events whether large or small and intimate. They will provide you with unforgettable and magnificently presented food, it tastes great, looks beautiful and stimulates all your senses. 

Anaar Catering - Kuwait

Anaar Catering

“Anaar” in Persian means pomegranate and is widely used in Persian cuisine. It has the symbolic meaning of abundance and fertility in Persian Art and Literature.

Anaar will provide you with unforgettable and magnificently presented food, it tastes great, looks beautiful and stimulates all your senses. With a passion for cooking, a focus on quality, and an appreciation of classical Persian recipes, Anaar differentiates itself by using the finest ingredients for all its’ home made dishes.

Lazurd Catering - Kuwait

Lazurd Catering

As a Global Leader in the Service business will strive to fulfill nationally and internationally recognized food safety rules and put in place appropriate system and proactive control procedures to safeguard the food prepared and served throughout its operations. To ensure consistency of top food safety standard LAZURD & Lazurd catering Company realizes the significance of continuous improvement via adopting  innovative and updated workable techniques and methods developed by specialized institutions worldwide. 

MMC Catering - Kuwait

MMC Catering

MMC Catering is considered to be one of the top luxurious catering offering in Kuwait and the GCC region. MMC catering offers a wide range of high quality offerings with a general focus on wedding catering. They have a highly trained team that was hand selected from all over the world to provide a unique experience in every wedding/event the company does.

Alghanim Catering Services Co - Kuwait

Alghanim Catering Services Co

As a company they pride themselves on the fact that they can cater for 1 to 1000 + people on site providing services ranging from breakfast, hot lunch, dinner service and that extra touch when it comes to those special corporate or themed events. The product, quality and presentation of food are key drivers when it comes to the service which Alghanim Catering Services delivers to its clients. Quality, commitment and service under pins their company’s vision and values no matter how big the contract.

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