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Top Date Shops in Dubai

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Top Date Shops in Dubai

Just like chocolates, dates are considered to be one of the top items on any celebration menu in the Middle East! Dates are not only popular in the Middle East because they are delicious and sweet, but they also have cultural and religious symbols in most Arab and Muslim cultures.

So dates are deeply embedded in Arab culture, they are a symbol of tradition and hospitality. 

Dates come in different qualities and different kinds that you can choose from, and you can find them in most supermarkets in Arab cities. The most common types are Ajwah, Al Khunaizi, Khalasah, Medjool and Rotab. Dates are produced in many Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan. 

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Dates are largely served plain, just as they are, and also stuffed (in e.g. almonds, walnuts, orange peels...) or dipped in chocolates. We are seeing so many shops getting creative with dates, such as chocolate-covered dates, almond-filled dates, coconut-covered dates, and so many other options.

If you are getting married in Dubai, then you are in the city where some of the most delicious and high-quality dates are available. 

Here is a list of the top date shops in Dubai:



Bateel, is a journey of transformation and creation, forging an enduring legacy of innovation, delighting discerning consumers of fine food around the world.

Bateel elevated a revered ancient fruit to gourmet delicacies and created a luxury retail experience that launched an entirely new market, a market for gourmet dates and date products.

Make a majestic statement at the wedding by presenting Bateel’s organic gourmet dates.

Liwa Dates

Liwa Dates

Liwa Dates was established in 2006 in the United Arab Emirates. A UAE national factory that specializes in packing and processing all date products, in addition to providing dates packing services to local farmers all over the UAE, and helping them in marketing their products in a more effective way. An Emirati nationalized company of superior quality and contemporary packaging of dates.

They aim to introduce dates in many unseen ways to cope with the fast changing lives and to be accepted worldwide as a high-end premium product favored globally.

The date room

The Date Room

At The Date Room, they do not sell dates or chocolates, or beautiful boxes; they sell a family heritage. The Date Room made a whole culture available in the form of a delicacy. 

They designed every piece, box, and product to be a part of the story that will put you in an intimate relationship with the vibrant culture of the UAE.

world of dates

World of Dates

World of Dates was created with the desire to make premium dates available in the comfort of your home. They are proud to be the premium quality dates suppliers and wholesalers in UAE.

They provide the best dates from Saudi and delivery different varieties of fresh dates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, and Ras Al Khaimah.

They are also the home of luxury gift hampers and dates gift box in the UAE.

Zadina Dates

Zadina Dates

They consider themselves to be ambassadors of gourmet dates and date products in the UAE. The torchbearers of the industry. Culinary artisan of finest dates and chocolates.

Zadina is an ambassador of the world’s finest dates, offering a variety of date-based gourmet delicacies. Their mission is to bring the best of dates to people around the world.

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