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The Top Jewelry Shops in Jordan

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The Top Jewelry Shops in Jordan

No bridal look is complete without some sparkle, whether it is your wedding ring or your other wedding jewelry, you need to pay attention to what jewelry you will wear on your big day.

Buying your wedding jewelry is a very different experience than buying any piece of jewelry on any other day because your wedding jewelry is irreplaceable and will mean so much to you.

Most women keep their wedding jewelry forever and pass it on to their daughters and even granddaughters years later.

If you are a bride to be getting married in Jordan, especially in the capital Amman, there are so many amazing jewelry shops for you to check out.

Not to mention a whole area called the "Gold Souk" in a beautiful neighborhood in Amman called Um Uthaina.

There are also different jewelry stores located at some malls as well.

To help you find the best jewelry stores in Amman and save you some time and effort, we have a list of the top jewelry stores in Jordan for you to check out.




Damas Jewellery was originally founded back in 1907, the start of a remarkable legacy to offer goldsmith services in the Middle East. In 1959 Damas Jewellery opened its first store at the gold souq in Dubai.

In 2019 was the launch of a new era for Damas with a vision: Crafting tomorrow’s dreams, inspiring your imagination, honouring their heritage.


Imseeh Jewelry

In 1957 a young man decided to craft gold with his own hands, he made and sold beautiful pieces later on. Years later he became the owner of the first jewelry showroom in the heart of  Gold Souk and Downtown Amman.

Today Imseeh is a name that is known in every household in Amman.

Since its establishment in 1957 by Karam Imseeh, Imseeh Jewelry has successfully positioned itself as the kingdom's leading Jewelry brand and largest supplier in Jordan.



Izmirian Jewelry

Established in 1983, Izmirian jewelry evolved rapidly during the past few decades from a family business into a leading and well-positioned jewelry manufacturer in the region.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the company has always maintained the highest levels of quality and professionalism, fulfilling all their clients’ desires and needs with discretion.

Transforming art dreams into reality is the responsibility of their entity. Their innovative and dedicated team of managers, designers, diamond graders, and setters create unique, distinctive art pieces that reflect their identity.

They use high-quality diamonds and gemstones that are beautifully mounted on precious metals in different purity of gold and silver.

Kayali Jewelry

Kayali Jewelry

Established in 1952, Kayali Jewelry remains one of the leading jewelers in Jordan. With every jewelry piece meticulously designed and crafted with higher quality diamonds at more competitive prices than other establishments, it is no surprise that Kayali Jewelry continues to be a highly favored local jeweler.

With branches in Um Uthaina and Sweifieh, Kayali Jewelry is never too far away from you. Should you need a piece for a special occasion or just for fun, Kayali Jewelry remains eternally yours.

Kayali Jewelry offers a great selection of jewelry suitable for every day and every special occasion you can think of, as well as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and all occasions.

Kurdi Jewelry

Kurdi Jewelry

From humble beginnings with a small showroom in Zarqa to downtown Amman and finally to Um Uthaina where they opened their first design workshop handcrafting quality pieces.

This is the story of Kurdi Jewelry, a luxury boutique jeweler run by an aspiring family that has been making an impact in the local jewelry industry since 1964.

Known for its creative, handmade designs, Kurdi Jewelry benefits from over 50 years of expertise at the hands of various specialists. From artisans, designers, gemologists and gem-cutters, to engravers, polishers, and many more, each applies their remarkable know-how and skills to achieve supreme perfection.

Today, the company designs and produces custom-made, high-end jewelry that illustrates the brand’s spirit, passion for quality gems, and taste for distinction.

Shami Jewelry

Shami Jewelry

The Shawkat Shami story began in 1994 when the late Shawkat Shami opened his first jewelry boutique in Amman.

In addition to offering vast collections of ready-to-wear jewelry pieces, Shawkat Shami Jewelry provides its clients with the opportunity to create their own customized jewelry. If you have a creative streak or an idea in mind, Shawkat Shami can help translate that into a personalized piece just for you.

When creating custom-made pieces at Shawkat Shami Jewelry, clients are presented with design options followed by molds that enable them to visualize the finished product, thereby making an informed choice.


Sakkijha Jewelry

An 83-year legacy shaped by the avant-garde vision and steeped in sophistication, Sakkijha is a pioneering diamond and gold boutique jewelry house renowned for its fresh designs, quality craftsmanship, superior gemstones, and devoted customer service.

Established in 1930 by the Sakkijha family and molded by three generations of jewelry connoisseurs, Sakkijha continues to embody the spirit of bold innovation in the regional luxury jewelry market. With its international team of talented designers and craftsmen, Sakkijha sets the trend for trademark and custom jewelry, presenting clients with timeless masterpieces tailored to their exclusive and discerning tastes.



Over 100 years ago, Leon Tufenkjian first opened the doors of their jewelry house with a passion for creating exquisite, unique works of jeweled art.

They have carried on this passion ever since and have earned an unrivaled reputation for jewelry excellence in the region. Since 1909, Tufenkjian has been designing for a discerning clientele who seeks treasures that are stunning and timeless. Traveling from all over the globe, jewelry lovers enter their luxurious showrooms knowing they will find the precious gems, captivating designs, and superior quality they desire.

Today, they are proud to carry on their father’s legacy as Lebanon’s most prestigious fine jeweler, recognized for their expertise and for their capability to consistently create jewelry that dreams are made of.

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