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The Top Wedding Dress Designers in Egypt

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The Top Wedding Dress Designers in Egypt

Your wedding dress is not only a white dress that you will wear once in your life, it is much more than that; your wedding dress will always remind you of how special and happy you felt on your wedding day. You will wear your wedding dress on the day you will celebrate your new life with the partner you chose to grow old with.

If you are an Egyptian bride or someone who would like to get her wedding dress from Egypt, you must know that there are hundreds of options when it comes to wedding dress shops and wedding dress designers.

But because every bride deserves to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day, you deserve the best! And this is why we are sharing with you the top wedding dress designers in Egypt for you to choose from.

Here is a list of the top Egyptian wedding dress designers:


Deana Shaaban - Egypt

Deana Shaaban

Deana Shaaban is a luxury design house, offering bespoke design services for evening dresses and wedding dresses, allowing for a beautiful and seamless experience to all their clientele. Deana Shaaban was founded on the belief that a woman’s strength is unparalleled, that every woman is unique in her own right and that the gown that adorns her should always remain true to that belief. Currently based in Cairo, Egypt, her evening and wedding gowns are done on a per order basis and her casual line is debuted twice a year. No one design is ever repeated because her designs are done with the belief that not every gown suits every woman, but that every woman is unique in her own right and the gown that adorns her should be true to that belief.

Hisham Aboul Ela - Egypt

Hisham Aboul Ela

A talented Egyptian bridal designer, who has become one of the most popular fashion designers in Egypt and especially among brides, he creates exceptional wedding dresses that suit every style. Hisham Aboul Ela is on the top of the designer list in Egypt.

Hany El Behairy - Egypt

Hany El Behairy

One of the greatest designers of Haute Couture in the Middle East region, he has been working in this field since he was 15 years old. Since the beginning of his career, he participated in many Arabic and International festivals in the field of fashion design. Hany dressed many celebrities including Yousra , Laila Elwy , Warda Al Gazaeria , Elham Shahin , Safaa Abu El Seoud,Latifa, Hanan Tork, Dalia El Behairy, Sabah,Ghada Abdel Razek, Shaimaa Saeed.

Iman Saab - Egypt

Iman Saab

Iman Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer but based in Cairo, Egypt, and she has become one of the top fashion designers in Egypt. Imaan Saab began her career by studying fashion and then working for top Lebanese designers, including Rima Bohsali. 

Mohanad Kojak - Egypt

Mohanad Kojak

Kojak is a fashion brand that blurs the line between haute couture and ready-to-wear through creating costume drama pieces. Kojak is not just a fashion brand, it relies on storytelling to send a message. The stories primarily rely on personal experiences and scenarios that are meant to push the norms and to have people question what they see. Mohanad Kojak, the designer behind his namesake label, looks at his label as a means of education: educating the public on the fact that there are different thoughts and opinions. Kojak participated in the first season of Project Runway Middle East, where he got closer to pinpointing his design aesthetic and diving more into his brand’s design identity. 

Malak El Ezzawy - Egypt

Malak El Ezzawy

Malak El Ezzawy is an Egyptian designer who managed to create a brand that every bride loves, launched in 2008, Malak El Ezzawy has become the go-to name for evening wear and wedding dresses in Egypt.

Nesma Helmy - Egypt

Nesma Helmy

Nesma Helmy has been conquering the fashion industry in Egypt with her custom-made bridal gowns and ready-to-wear collection. Styling many renowned celebrities, Nesma Helmy has her own boutique in Maadi. 

Nehal Khalifa - Egypt

Nehal Khalifa

A talented Egyptian wedding dress and fashion designer who has become one of the popular designers in Egypt among brides and fashionistas. Known for her attention to details and love for everything different, Nehal Khalifa has created a brand loved by many.

Nanas Closet - Egypt

Nana’s Closet

Dina Said, created the Egyptian bridal atelier Nana’s Closet, Daily News Egypt had dubbed her “Egyptian Fashion Designer of the Year” in December 2010. Nena's Closet is one of the favorite bridal atelier's among young and modern Egyptian brides to be.

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Nour Azazy

Nour Azazy

A wedding dress is a lot more than the quality of materials and tailoring. The dress says a lot about the bride without using a single word. Nour pioneers in expressing the bride's personality and emotions on a dress that becomes an extension of the bride herself.

With Nour, it is a warm journey of making the perfect dress for you. A beautiful dress is good, but, a beautiful dress that becomes part of you is what Nour seeks.

Rafik Zaki - Egypt

Rafik Zaki

Istituto Di Moda Burgo Milano Graduate, fashion designer Rafik Zaki has had his designs showcased in fashion shows like Cairo Fashion Nights, Baroque and more. His atelier is located in Masr El Gedida.

Shahira Lasheen - Egypt

Shahira Lasheen

Shahira Lasheen started her fashion career in 2010 after she finished her studies in fashion design. She has been nominated for the “10 best upcoming young Arab designers” by the international fashion designer Zuhair Murad, and attended a very successful training period in Lebanon with one of the top world fashion designers Tony Ward. 

Sherine Hussein - Egypt

Sherine Hussien

Graduated from the Fashion and Design Center (FDC) in Egypt, Sherine Hussein has her own fashion line under her name. If you are a bride looking for simple wedding gowns with a touch of elegance, then head to Cairo Boutique where you can find Hussien’s unconventional collection. 

Samo Hagras

Samo Hagras

One of the most important fashion designers in the Arab world who creates high-end fashion since 2007 and Samo Hagras has become one of the favorite designers among brides.

Temraza - Egypt


Temraza is recognized by their unique and elegant designs that perfectly sculpt and enhance a woman’s silhouette using glamorous details. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of cultures, Creative Director and brand founder Farida Temraz designs luxury collections fabricated with the finest materials and embroideries. Temraza debuted its first collection in Autumn/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week, garnering first prize in a Fashion Television show which catapulted the brand to immediate success. Since then, Temraza has steadily gained enormous visibility and has been worn by Hollywood and international VIPs on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, Grammys, Primetime Emmy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Country Music and Television Awards and many more prestigious events globally. 

Yasmine Yeya - Egypt

Yasmine Yeya

With a passion for beauty, fabrics and individuality designer Yasmine Yeya was able to put together the building stones for her brand Maison Yeya. The designers’ career kicked off after her famous success at one of the leading fashion designer’s competition sponsored by renowned Fashion Designer Elie Saab. Since then, Maison Yeya dressed Middle Eastern celebrities and socialites as well as international clienteles that were celebrated on the red carpets of Cannes, Tribeca, Cairo and Dubai film festivals. Maison Yeya gowns are created to reflect and embrace the sophistication and the eternal beauty of the modern, independent yet classic women.

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