The Top Wedding Halls in Kuwait

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The Top Wedding Halls in Kuwait

Finding the right wedding hall for your wedding might be one of the most difficult tasks you face as a bride or groom when you are planning your wedding.

Picking the right wedding hall means that you need to check out all the options available and what each wedding hall has to offer you.

In the Middle East, especially in the Gulf region, many couples prefer to have separate wedding halls for women and men.

Another detail that is on top of most people's lists is how big the wedding hall is and how many guests it can accommodate.

The options for wedding halls in Kuwait are endless, brides and grooms have a wide choice from hotel wedding venues to grand separate wedding halls.

Here are the top wedding halls in Kuwait for you to check out:



Fahed Al-Ahmed Wedding Hall - Kuwait

Fahed Al-Ahmed Wedding Hall

One of the most popular wedding halls in Kuwait, Fahed Al-Ahmed Wedding Hall offers everything your wedding needs including light and sound systems. The venue has to 2 separate wedding halls, one for men and one for women, each fitting 200 to 300 guests.

Al Yousfi Wedding Hall - Kuwait

Al Yousfi Wedding Hall

This is a favorite hall among brides in Kuwait; it is known for its amazing space and professional services.

Al Awayhan Hall - Kuwait

Al Awayhan Hall

This wedding hall offers all the wedding services you need, including sound and light systems, a bridal suite, and a VIP room. Al Awayhan Hall is a ladies only wedding hall, it can accommodate 300 to 500 wedding guests.

Sheikha Al Marzouq Hall - Kuwait

Sheikha Al Marzouq Hall

This wedding hall offers 2 wedding halls for men and women separately, with a private suite for the bride. It is smaller than most wedding halls if you are looking for an intimate wedding venue.

Mshbab Al Jalal Hall - Kuwait

Mshbab Al Jalal Hall

This unique wedding hall has 2 separate halls each fitting 200 to 300 guests.

Al Sheikh Salem Al Ali Wedding Hall - Kuwait

Al Sheikh Salem Al Ali Wedding Hall

This venue offers 2 beautiful wedding halls one for men and one for women, and it offers all wedding services, such as sound and light systems, catering, and a bridal suite.

Arraya Ballroom - Kuwait

Arraya Ballroom

Located next to Arraya plaza and the Mariott Hotel, this wedding venue is one of the most popular wedding halls in Kuwait, as it is located in the heart of Kuwait city. The wedding hall offers different decor styles and unique lighting systems, as well as, all the details that make it a 5-star wedding hall. 

Hawally Park for Wedding - Kuwait

Hawally Park for Weddings

 This is one of the biggest wedding halls in Kuwait, which makes it a favorite among brides and grooms looking to have a large wedding. The wedding hall is elegant and modern and can host a large number of wedding guests.

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