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The Top Wedding Photographers in Egypt

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The Top Wedding Photographers in Egypt

If you live in Egypt, you have probably attended more weddings than you can remember, and one of the most important wedding planning task is selecting the right wedding photographer for you. In Egypt it is not easy to find the right photographer for your wedding, especially if you are looking for the top and best ones out there, because Egypt is filled with hundreds and thousands of photographers, and it could be tricky to pick the right one.

And because we know how important your wedding day is for you, it is also important that you have the most beautiful wedding pictures to remember this day with. When a bride and groom are faced with a lot of options and choices, it is not easy to pick the right photographer for your wedding.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most talented and most popular wedding photographers now in Egypt. Take a look at this list of the top wedding photographers in Egypt and check out their amazing work.


Andy Gabra's Photography - Egypt

Andy Gabra

For couples who want a super passionate wedding photographer, Andy is the one for you, artistic, professional, and talented, Andy Gabra is one of the most talented Egyptian photographers out there.

Antikka Photography

Antikka Photography

Antikka Photography specializes in taking artistic and lively photos with the ultimate photography experience. The team works with great care to ensure that every detail of this special day is captured in the best possible way. The work team also has high technical skills in photography and lighting.

Chehab Adel Photography - Egypt

Chehab Adel

Chehab Adel has been taking pictures since 2008, he loves natural lights, and loves to bring out the personality of each couple. He developed his own style in photography, and now is a Cairo-based Professional Wedding & Portrait photographer with a personal passion for Fashion Photography. He has shot around 100+ events ranging from wedding receptions & engagements to corporate events.

Daniel Salib Photography - Egypt

Daniel Salib

Born in Cairo, Daniel Salib devoted himself at an early age to his photography passion. Capturing expressive features of people around his hometown – Egypt – inspired him to start taking his hobby in capturing portraits to lead a professional career in photography. He acquired his technical skills through self-learning and later he took it to a professional level; where his skill is shown in his exquisite images that capture magnificent shadows and diverse lights. His work field varies in nature; and expends to cover Fashion, Portraits, Weddings, Products,  Cityscape & corporate shootings.  With a sharp vision and skilled lens, Daniel never fails to bring his client’s aspirations to life.

Fadi Gwanny - Gwannian Photography - Egypt

Fadi Gwanny

Founder of Gwannian Photography, Fayd has been balancing his work between Dubai and Cairo. He is known for his theatrical photography that creates unique pictures to cherish forever.

Fadi Moheb Doss - Egypt

Fadi Moheb Doss

With over 17200 followers on his Instagram account, Fadi has become one of the most favorite wedding photographers among brides and grooms in Egypt.

Guru Photo House

Guru Photo House

Guru Photo House features advanced photography equipment and creative ideas to ensure that special moments are captured in their most beautiful pictures. Whether you're looking for a pre-wedding photo shoot or comprehensive coverage of the entire party, Guru Photo House offers a variety of options to meet every couple's needs. It is a place that helps you capture the magical and emotional moments in artistic style, making your wedding day memories unforgettable.

Gihad Belasy's Photography - Egypt

Gihad Belasy

Gihad Belasy has had an interest in photography since she was a child. After receiving her Bachelor degree of Science in Pharmacy and Biotechnology from the German University in Cairo (GUC), Gihad decided to pursue her passion for photography. She has had the opportunity of professionally photographing dozens of weddings and events where she has taken literally thousands of pictures. Gihad is known for her ability to capture images of people that are natural and genuine. 

Mohamed Taha Photography - Egypt

Mohamed Taha

A professional photographer with various expertise, Mohamed Taha studied Management of Information Systems. Being a photographer is not only about shooting every single detail in your day, says Mohamed, it’s about making it a memorable masterpiece. His passion for photography makes him look at things from different dimensions, so the outcome would be unique and incomparable to any other.

Nehal Ismail Photography - Egypt

Nehal Ismail

Nehal is known to be a perfectionist, she also edits her own photos, and she is considered to be one of the most talented Egyptian photographers. She worked on weddings in USA, Dubai, and Egypt.

Rafik Fouad Photography - Egypt

Rafik Fouad

Known as Rafi, Rafik is one young talented photographer; if you are looking for a beautiful, playful, and unique wedding pictures, Rafik is your guy! Rafik is definitely a favorite among Cairo brides who are always looking for the latest and top wedding suppliers in Egypt.

Remon Elmarkiz Photography - Egypt

Remon Elmarkiz

Remon always has a big impact on every wedding and couple he works with; he has a unique character that everyone falls in love with. Whether you are having an intimate wedding or a huge wedding Remon has all your photography needs covered.

John Youssef

John Youssef With Love

Thanks to advanced photography equipment and a professional team of photographers, John Youssef from Studio With Love can produce unique and wonderful wedding photos that hold memories of this special day. If you are looking for a way to immortalize your wedding day moments in an exceptional and artistic style, John Youssef is the perfect choice for you.


Romany Tawfik Photography

Romany Tawfik Photography aims to produce artistic images that capture the beauty and splendor of this special day. Romany Tawfik Photography provides a unique and personalized photography experience for every newlywed couple, as it allows the newlyweds to express themselves and choose the places and decorations they desire for the photo sessions.

Sherif Fathy's Photography - Egypt

Sherif Fathy

If you are looking for a charismatic wedding photographer, Sherif Fathy is perfect for you, he is vibrant, entertaining, and makes friends with all the brides and grooms he works with. Sherif is known for his hard work and great wedding packages.

Timothy Kaldas Photography - Egypt

Timothy Kaldas

An experienced photographer who worked at some of Egypt's most luxurious weddings, as well as in the UAE, USA, and Europe. He brought international wedding photography standards to Egypt.

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