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Top Wedding Venues in Maadi in Cairo

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Top Wedding Venues in Maadi in Cairo

Maadi is a beautiful green suburb with a deep-rooted history, it has a reputation for being quieter and more relaxed than urban Cairo. The location of Maadi on the Eastern bank of the Nile gives it a distinctive trait and a unique location than other neighborhoods of Helwan. Its great climate, throughout the year, is perfect to hold indoor and outdoor weddings at any of its beautiful wedding venues. 

Therefore, Maadi is the right place for your wedding at any time of the year. As Maadi is distinguished by its green gardens, having an outdoor wedding in Maadi will add a beautiful natural spirit to your wedding where you and your guests can enjoy the magnificent nature and the view of the Nile.

If you are looking for unique wedding photos, the island of Maadi is the place to go to; you can find ancient archaeological places decorated with beautiful inscriptions and gardens decorated with various types of roses and trees. The backdrop of the Nile adds a powerful touch to help you capture the most beautiful wedding pictures to cherish for a lifetime.

As we care about your wedding day, we have prepared for you a special list of Maadi wedding halls:


Al Maadi Island

A group of small islands connected to each other through bridges, Al Maadi Island is a large park in the middle of the Nile which has several artificial lakes and vast green landscapes, making it a perfect spot for an out-of-the-box wedding. You can either book the entire island or book the special wedding hall alone.

Al Jawhara Hall

Located on Maadi Corniche, Al Jawhra Hall is an outdoor wedding venue that overlooks the Nile river where you and your guests can enjoy a magnificent view. You can choose between the different wedding packages that suite your wedding budget. 

Golden Maadi

Golden Maadi

Golden Maadi is all about planning a stress-free dream wedding. The amazing team will help you plan all the details and what is great about Golden Maadi is that they are always coming up with new packages and promotions for couples who want to plan the wedding of their dreams.

Holiday Inn Cairo Maadi

You can make your precious wedding memories at Holiday Inn Cairo Maadi. Great service and creative wedding packages, starting from 25,200 LE for 110 guests. You can invite up to 300 guests in the newly renovated ballroom.

Maadi Officers Club

The Maadi Officers Club offers a unique selection of wedding halls to choose from, each hall has its own design that suits your own taste. You can also choose between the different wedding packages for each hall, whichever is more convenient for you. The packages can include food, laser technology, and some ballroom decoration. These are the Maadi Club indoor and outdoor venues that you can choose from:  

Teras Hall

Mesk Al-Lail Hall

Mesk Al-Lail Hall is located in Familly Land Maadi - Othman Towers. The hall can accommodate up to 200 guests where you can have a very special wedding. The hall is distinguished for its unique decorations and special lighting that adds a beautiful touch to the classic decor of the ballroom.

Nile Spirit Dahabya

Nile Spirit Dahabya is managed by LARGO LAGO a fresh and compelling customer-oriented Company recently established binding the energy of a cohesive and highly qualified management team to extensive expertise and leadership in the hospitality field.  Attention to detail, remarkable service, and a deep passion for hospitality are the bases of our work, as they strongly believe that "You have only one chance to make a first good impression".

Khan Al Khalili Hall

Khan Al Khalili is a wedding hall located on AL-Maadi Corniche. The hall can accommodate up to 100-300 guest, the hall offers you very special offers and wedding packages such as Laser, DJ, and the latest cameras.

Nile Crystal

Nile Crystal offers different venues, The Garden Cafe can accommodate 300 guests. Enjoy a wide variety of alcoholic and none of alcoholic beverages.

It has two large dining rooms. It is a huge dining boat with modern decorations. They have one of the best entertainment programs for Nile cruises.

Onboard Onyx & Topaz are ready to meet all your needs. With four luxurious banquet rooms that are perfect for all occasions. They can accommodate 150-200 guests.

They also offer perfect wedding packages include beautiful kosha design, full international open buffet, oriental Zuffa, great D.J. and much more.

Ondine Maadi

Ondine offers simple wedding venues for your intimate and beautiful weddings. They offer different wedding packages including buffets, DJ, and wedding decorations. 

Queen's Hall for Weddings

The Queen's Hall is a very stylish place to set up your wedding, in which the wedding experts of the banquet hall will help to achieve your dream wedding and to keep your wonderful memories forever. Your guests will enjoy first class hospitality, elegant planning and accurate caring of the details.

Royal Tulip Hall

Royal Tulip Hall is located in the island of Maadi, which is estimated to be 500 square meters without any columns inside it. The hall provides the best lighing technology and wide screens. It can accommodate up to 250 to 300 guests where you can have a stylish ceremony.

Royal Tulip Hall provides the newest restaurants that offer different national cuisines and drinks. 


Revana Wedding on The Nile

Revana Wedding on The Nile is an open-air garden that is placed directly on the Nile for planning and organizing your dream wedding.

royal plaza

Royal Plaza Corniche Al-Maadi

Conveniently located in Kornish El Maadi, with an amazing view of the Nile, this venue offers a unique and splendid location, they also have a professional team who will help you with the decor and planning.

Sofitel Cairo Maadi Towers

With a great view of the Nile River and the Great Pyramids in Giza, Sofitel Cairo Maadi Towers is a great place for your perfect wedding. The lovely rooftop and terrace offer guests a panoramic view of landscapes and city scenes, Maadi Towers are neatly organized and properly furnished to ensure comfort. The ballroom capacity is 400 guests.

The Zoser Hotel

The Zoser Hotel is a hotel of high standards with an excellent location. The ballrooms are fully equipped for weddings. The Hotel offers all the necessary facilities for their guests. Hotel facilities include four restaurants ranging from Arabic to Spanish cuisine, an impressive swimming pool located in the center of the complex.

Venus Wedding Halls

Considered to be one of the largest wedding halls in Al Maadi. They have different wedding packages to suit all budgets, the wedding packages include catering, decorations, and other details.


Villa Makky

Located in Al Maadi, Villa Makky is one of the most elegant wedding venues. It offers stunning lush gardens for couples who are looking for the perfect garden wedding.

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