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Types of Jewellery to Wear on Your Honeymoon

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Types of Jewellery to Wear on Your Honeymoon

Honeymoons are one of the most memorable experiences enjoyed by newly-wed couples. As such, you want to look really good during your honeymoon, especially the brides. One of the best way for a bride to appear stunning for this occasion is to compliment your honeymoon attire with some beautiful pieces of jewellery.

As you know, Jewellery is small decorative items that are worn for various reasons. They are made using different types of materials and can be attached directly to your body or your clothes. Jewellery can be worn regardless of whether you’re a male or female, young or old.

Women, however, are the fondest of adorning themselves with jewellery when it comes to special occasions, especially during their wedding planning phase and honeymoon. This is the perfect time for brides to show their grooms that they can also be sensuous and seductive to make their stay at a honeymoon destination even more memorable.

Whether it’s a necklace, a ring, a set of earrings, anklet, bracelet, head chain, or armlet, jewellery can always make you look fabulous. They can give your outfit an instant makeover and make a statement of their own. If you’re a bride headed to the beach or a tropical island for your honeymoon, the types of jewellery mentioned above can bring a big plus to your look.

You don’t need to pack or buy a lot of designer dresses just to impress your husband during your honeymoon. All you need is a nice set of jewellery that can elevate your current wardrobe to the next level.

Let’s take a look at some of the best types of jewellery to wear on your honeymoon:


Textured Bracelets

Textured bracelets are must-have pieces of jewellery, especially if you are having a beach honeymoon. Bracelets with gold bamboo-textured patterns can give you the level of style that matches the vibe of a beach. Be sure to pair it with a bright floral dress so you’ll have a memorable honeymoon look. There are many textured bracelets to choose from that will surely compliment your attire for your tropical honeymoon getaway. They will help you remember the wonderful memories that you and your husband shared during your romantic honeymoon.

Dainty Earrings

To make your honeymoon getaway truly romantic and memorable, adorn yourself with a beautiful set of stud earrings. You don’t need to bring large or expensive earrings for your honeymoon, especially if your itinerary consists of exploration or activities that would require you to be physically active. Bring earrings that are suitable for all your honeymoon adventures like taking a quick dip in a waterfall, skydiving, or if you are heading to one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations.

Tie The Knot Rings

Your wedding rings are just too precious to lose or damage during your honeymoon getaway, not to mention that you may have to clean your wedding ring, especially if you accidentally soaked it in seawater. Instead of wearing your wedding rings on your honeymoon trip, you can replace them with a beautiful set of tie-the-knot rings.

Tie-the-knot rings may look simple as they only look like two knots joined together. However, they do make for awesome honeymoon jewellery, as they are a great symbol of marriage. Tie-the-knot rings will still make you look like a newly-wed couple as you both make some wonderful memories during your honeymoon. They are also easy to pair with your everyday attire after your honeymoon trip.

Ankle Bracelets or Anklets

Ankle bracelets or anklets are perfect for tropical honeymoons. A dainty gold anklet can make a huge difference for your island look. You’ll want to look fabulous and beautiful since you’ll probably be taking a lot of pictures if you are by the beach or by the pool. Having a dainty anklet will also make your fresh pedicure even more fabulous.

Head Chain

A cute hair accessory like a head chain is what you’re going to need if you want to get a Boho-chic look for your honeymoon. A head chain can bring a breath of fresh air to your overall look, especially your hairstyle. You don’t need to bring a head chain adorned with expensive gemstones. You’ll already look fabulous if you pick a simple one to pair with your long loose maxi dress.


If you want a piece of jewellery that best suits your sleeveless top, one-shoulder dress, maxi dress, or halter neck, try wearing an armlet with an intricate design. Armlets are one of the must-have body jewellery for tropical or beach honeymoons as they can make you look very cute, especially if you pair them with a sexy cut-out. You can also wear a gold-toned armlet and pair it with a maxi dress along with light makeup, and you’re ready for a wonderful and romantic dinner with your husband.

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