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The Ultimate Guide of Wedding Gift Registries

The Ultimate Guide of Wedding Gift Registries

Creating a wedding gift registry is not easy. In fact, it can be very confusing and time-consuming. If you don't know anything about bridal registries and don't even know what you want or what to sign up for, we bring you everything you need to know right here.

Making your wedding gift registry is one of the wedding tasks that are fun and enjoyable. But before you start adding items to your wish list, make sure you think about what you really want and need for your new home.

This is the chance for you to set up your house by choosing items that you want or will need once you settle in. When it comes to your bridal gift registry, every bride wants to receive some trendy, but useful items at the same time.

It is advisable that engaged couples set up a wedding gift registry to help family and friends get them the gifts they want and need for their new home. And it will help you get to know each other’s taste in furniture and home essentials. It is also always better for a couple to go together to the stores, or search online so that they could remind each other of what they need. 

Wedding Gift List

Make a List

Make a list of the items you need before you hit the stores so you won't get confused once you're there. Remember to always pick items that you will use! Don’t pick items just because they sound or look fancy; select those you will actually use. If you can not physically visit the stores, browse the internet. There are many websites in the Middle East that will help you curate your wedding gifts. 

Gift Registry

Involve The Groom

Make the draft list together, go visit the shops together or, even better, browse the internet together. You are planning for your future home and the things that you want to be in it; this is a fun experience for both of you.

Gift Registry Tips

Don't Limit Yourself to One Store

Believe it or not, you don't have to register in only one store! Not only will you have more options, but it will also give your guests more options since they have different budgets for gifts. 

If you are creating an online gift registry, there are websites that curate many products from different home stores which make it a lot easier for you to pick and choose what is needed. 

Wedding Gifts

Expand The Price Range

Not everyone from your friends and family is able to buy you expensive items, so pick products in different price ranges that suit most of your wedding guests. This way you will get something from everyone. You should also pick more items than you actually need; over registering will help your guests have more options.

Wedding Gifts

Check the Stores' Policy

Make sure to ask about the store's return policy and timeline in case you change your mind about anything.

Here are some questions you should ask your wedding gift registry store or website to make sure everything goes as planned:

  1. When will my list close? Make sure you keep your bridal registry open at least 6 weeks after the wedding so that people who are late will still have the chance to get you something you like.
  2. Can I exchange the items I receive? What if you change your mind or realize you need something else instead? It’s always good to have this option.
  3. Can my guests order the gift by phone or online? Some guests might be busy, or not in the country, so ask for these options and let your guests know about them.
  4. Will you charge for delivery? Some stores might charge you or your wedding guests for gift delivery.
  5. Can I compile my list online? Some stores have the feature of adding your gift list on their website, this will save you much more time if you’re a busy bride.
Gift Cards

Register for Gift Cards

This is definitely a polite and fancy way to ask for money!

Instead of registering for specific gifts, register for gift vouchers or cards at stores, this way you will buy whatever you want later on.

Wedding Guests

Inform Your Guests

Not everyone knows what a gift registry list is, and even if they did, how would they know about yours? 

The best way to inform your guests and the people you know is to get the help of a few friends and relatives and let them spread the word. You can either rely on their word of mouth or ask them to send e-mails or text messages of what stores you have registered in.

Another more creative and up-to-date way is to either create a wedding website or have a wedding page on Facebook with all your wedding details including the registry list!

Share it on your bridal shower invitations, your bridal shower is more private and guests are expecting to bring you gifts to your bridal shower. Some couples print the message on small cards and include it in the envelope of the wedding invitation

Bride and Groom Gifts


When you are creating your wedding gift registry, choose items that will stand the test of time, like some fancy Egyptian cotton bed sheets and kitchenware, so basically choose items that will last longer and be more useful to you.

Wedding Gifts Tips

Spread The Gifts

Don’t focus on one room in your house! Instead choose some items for the kitchen, others for the bedroom, living room or dining room and so on. Dinner sets, cutlery, silverwear are always useful wedding registry ideas. 

Online Gifts

Online vs. Boutique

An online gift registry list is much easier, but make sure you know exactly what the quality of the items you choose is.  Having the chance to actually see the items at a boutique or store is a good opportunity for you to decide on whether you want this item or not.

Wedding Gift Themes

Theme Your Wedding Gift List

When it comes to creating your wedding gift list, don’t just choose random items, whether it’s the color, shapes, design, or brand.

To have all your home decorations and items in sync and looking great together, try choosing a single theme and build your list around it.

Here are some tips to help you build the themes of your wedding gift list:

  1. Base your wedding gift list items around 1 or even 2 themes.
  2. Choose your theme based on patterns, colors, or an entire collection from the same brand.
  3. If you can’t choose a single theme for all the items, choose a different theme for every set. For example, your dinner plates and tableware can be in one color or print, but your daily plates and tableware can be in another color or print.
  4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, choose items that have different colors or patterns that go well together. 

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