Unique Wedding Pictures During The CoronaVirus

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Unique Wedding Pictures During The CoronaVirus

Once the world started facing the Corona Virus (COVID-19) everything stopped so suddenly, including celebrations and weddings. But since love conquers all, couples became aware that the most important thing is for them to be together and have a happy marriage, and that a wedding at the end of the day is a celebration of love.

Fashion designers started designing fancy face masks for brides and grooms, like Egyptian fashion designer Samo Hagras who designed a bridal face mask with pearls and lace.

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A fancy large wedding celebration or not, some Arab couples started finding ways for them to get married, and celebrate their weddings while dealing with the lockdown and quarantine so they could be together during this difficult time. 

Some got married at home and celebrated with their direct family members, while many of their friends and families joined to wish them everlasting happiness through FaceTime or Zoom applications.

Some couples decided to have a professional photo session to remember how special their marriage is, and wore masks to remember that they got married in these difficult times. 

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What we love most about these love stories and weddings is that when two beautiful souls want to be together nothing can stop them. Take a look at these unique wedding pictures and love stories in times of the CoronoaVirus:

A Happy Couple in Lebanon

This happy couple got married in Mir Amin Palace Hotel in Beit ed-Dine in Lebanon on 4 of April 2020! Still looking glamorous with face masks. 

Photographer: Wissam Hmaidan Photography

Carine and Ziad from Lebanon

Carine and Ziad were planning their official wedding ceremony (Katb Ktab) in March 2020, but with the lockdown in Lebanon, they postponed it till 9 April 2020. They went from 100 wedding guests to 6! The bride didn't have the chance to get a professional makeup artist or hairstylist, but looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful kaftan that was designed and made in Lebanon!

Kaftan: Lebanese Streetstyle Kaftans

Photographer: MSWR Production

Jewelry: Nsouli Jewelry

Fares and Sandy From Lebanon

Fares and Sandy decided to carry on with an intimate small wedding held on 13 March in Baabdat- Metn in Lebanon.

Photographer: Maroun Chedid

A Quarantined Couple at the Dead Sea, Jordan

24 hours before Jordan suspended all flights in or out of the country, this couple was forced to quarantine at a 5-star hotel at the Dead Sea for 14 days among thousands of other arrivals. Making the best of the situation the couple decided to get married, and with the help of the resort's staff and the medical team a wedding celebration took place at the hotel.

Lara and Hussam's Wedding in South Lebanon

Lara Haidar, a body piercer, and Husam Jawhari, a hairdresser, invited 3,000 people to their wedding in Aramoun, a village south of Beirut back in November 2019. But a wave of anti government protests forced the couple to postpone their wedding, and the coronavirus wrecked their second attempt. 

However Lara and Houssam went ahead with a wedding that had no wedding gusets. It was just the two of them dancing, eating cake, drinking champagne, having fun, and being in love. Even their wedding cake was out of the ordinary and inspired by current events; it had a blue face-mask on it, and beneath it was written: “We Made It Special #StayHome.”

“I wish everyone was here with me. But for their safety and our own, we preferred that it just be the two of us. I hope that people will be sharing our joy from their homes.”

Noha Hamid and Mustafa Amin's Wedding in Egypt

Mustafa Amin and his bride had planned a traditional Egyptian wedding party at a large banquet hall packed in Cairo with many family members and friends. The new CoronaVirus outbreak, however, suspended that plan, with the government declaring a nightly curfew10 days before the wedding date of 4 April 2020.

After a few days of hesitation, Amin and his bride, Noha Hamid, decided to press ahead, settling on a low-key celebration with close relatives on 16 April 2020 at Hamid’s family home in Qalyub, north of Cairo.

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