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Egyptian Fashion Designer Releases Bridal Face Mask

Egyptian Fashion Designer Releases Bridal Face Mask

Amidst all the corona-virus drama taking over the world, Egyptian fashion designer Samo Hagras, designed a wedding dress with a fancy face mask to protect brides from the coronavirus.

And many of his fans approved of this face mask, and Samo Hagras revealed that his brother inspired him to create this design, he also shared that due to people being afraid to attend crowded events such as weddings, the bride or even the guests can wear these fancy face masks and feel safe and enjoy their time.

The face mask took 3 hours in the making and he designed to be part of his 2020 bridal collection.

Samo Hagras revealed that he is getting many orders for these fancy or formal face mask in different colors, he also explained that he loves to design these masks even without having the need to create a matching dress, the face masks are around $100 as they are embellished and have luxurious details on them.


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