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Unlocking the Secret of Color with International Event Designer, Tomas De Bruyne

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Unlocking the Secret of Color

With a profound passion for floral design as a universal language, Tomas De Bruyne, Director and Founder of Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences Worldwide, has dedicated himself to pushing the boundaries of creativity and education within the floral design profession.

Over the past decade, Tomas has cultivated a vibrant community of creative minds and an exceptional team at Tomas De Bruyne Bespoke Unique Floral Experiences Worldwide.

Exclusively on Arabia Weddings, Tomas shares insights into his journey, the philosophy behind his educational endeavors, and the unique perspective he brings to worldwide events. So, come along as we explore the realm of Tomas De Bruyne, delving into the artistry, innovation, and interconnected components that shape his methodology in the fields of floral design and event planning. Tomas is also a crucial influencer in the world of floral design, contributing valuable insights and shaping trends in the industry.

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"As Director and Founder of Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences Worldwide, a company specializing in large-scale floral art installations for a wide range of events, I have always embraced floral design as a universal language that allows us to communicate beyond borders and limitations. My dedication to creativity, education, and the floral designer profession inspired me to co-run and teach at EMC International, an educational program that focuses on helping creatives and designers discover their infinite potential, said Tomas De Bruyne."

Tomas De Bruyne 

"In well over a decade since this program has existed, we have built a GLOBAL beautiful community of creative designers and an amazing team that contributes to delivering the best experience for our students. Together with my team, I strive to offer sources of inspiration that expand well beyond the boundaries of floristry alone and expand creativity for event planners and designers as well."

"Most of the time, in my worldwide events experience, I am approached for my expertise in connecting the dots, for my ability to create interaction between elements, and for the way I approach events in general. Color is one element that always has the potential to create connections and ease the event design process."

Wedding Colors

Why is color so powerful?

Color is the one element of design that powers over all the others by simply being the most impactful, visual-wise. Exploring the power of color in design is a path any event designer should take on.

To give you a better visual insight into the upcoming trends, we prepared some images generated with AI (Midjourney). These visuals aim to offer a more comprehensive glimpse from different angles and perspectives into the aesthetics and ambiance of an event using the colour of the year 2024.

We offer to all creatives involved in event planning and event and floral design a comprehensive online resource, the EDGE fanzine, and as we are now discussing color, I am referencing an extensive interview we have featured in the 2nd edition of the fanzine with the international color guru of the world, Leatrice Eiseman, the mind behind the entire concept of the "Pantone Color of the Year" campaign. In her own words, "I started the Pantone Institute for them, and our mission to begin with was to get people talking about color, starting a conversation, and it was picked up by the media, making the conversation grow.

It became a great talking point as more and more people went to the website to find out what the color of the year was going to be. So, mission accomplished. We are getting people to talk, and when you get people to talk about color, we can review things, finding out what they like, what they don’t like, and what colors mean to them. It is often a very personal thing. Aside from the obvious commercial applications of it, the real incentive is to get conversation going."The full interview is available here for free in the EDGE Fanzine of December 2021 which contains the trends of 2022.

The color of the year is decided in a conscious way, with an unconscious feeling. A trendy color, in actuality, reflects a culture’s emotion. The color with the strongest story can become the trendy color, yet it is the combination of colors that makes the story complete by creating context. There is no real control over how trends appear, as they are deeply connected to our behavior as humans.

Peach Color of 2024

Color of the Year, 2024

For 2024, Peach Fuzz takes center stage—a velvety, gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul. As described by the Pantone Institute, this color clearly tells the story of togetherness, care, sharing, community, and collaboration.

The universal meanings of colors are born within our own individual ability to not just see color but to feel it. Color is an experience in itself, and it is rooted in behavioral experiences and cultural influences, while personal, unique perceptions offer color an infinitely different dimension. Anyone who wants to make a strong, original statement should find a way to stand out. Coming up with ‘trendy’ colors in avant-garde fashion before people consciously take them in is a challenge. A trendy designer first and foremost learns from past and present developments and human behavior, as it is that retrospect view that automatically brings you a future trendy color.

The exact nature of color perception beyond the physical aspects and the status of color as a feature of the perceived world, or rather as a feature of our perception of the world—a type of qualia—is a matter of complex and continuing philosophical dispute.

Image: AI generated image focusing on Peach Fuzz - Color of the Year 2024

Trend Report

Colors are personal and universal at the same time. How can you use that to your advantage?

Trends play with different visual color outcomes, focusing on the visual strength of a particular outcome connected to a typology. There are infinite possibilities when playing with one single color. The creative infinite potential, though, lies all in us, and the goal is always to detach yourself from the ordinary to become extraordinary!

In the world of events, staying ahead of the curve is essential. I fully believe that trends are more than just style; they're the heartbeat of inspiration and innovation. Mastering trends isn't just about staying relevant; it's about creating unforgettable events that resonate deeply with your clients.

This is the reason why I involved myself as a creative director of the EMC Trend Report to create a resource for event and floral designers that serves as a compass in this industry. For wedding designers, it's an invaluable tool that opens up a world of possibilities. In the realm of events in general, where every detail matters, staying ahead of trends is crucial.

The online version of the EMC Trend Report offers wedding designers, planners, and event creatives a treasure trove of insights, from the latest color palettes to innovative design techniques. It's not just about keeping up; it's about setting trends and creating unforgettable wedding experiences. With the EMC Trend Report as your guide, you'll be equipped to infuse weddings with fresh, unique, and breathtaking floral arrangements that leave a lasting impression. Join me in this journey of creativity and innovation—let your wedding designs be the talk of the town!

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