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Ways to Share Last Minute Wedding Changes with Your Guests

Ways to Share Last Minute Wedding Changes with Your Guests

Now that many brides and grooms have been changing their wedding plans, dates, and even destinations due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, many brides are facing the issue of informing their wedding guests about their wedding updates.

So due to everything going around us in the world couples are cancelling or postponing their weddings and putting everything on hold.

We previously shared some tips to help you finish some tasks off your list, right here: "Planning a Wedding During Corona Outbreak".

Couples and wedding vendors are trying to find the best solutions to contact wedding guests and let them know about the changes that occurred.

Here are some tips to help you inform your wedding guests about all the details.

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Work on The Guest List

Your wedding guest list is likely to have hundreds of names and getting in touch with everyone might make you feel stressed out by the idea.

Break up the list and assign a section to your fiance or a few of your family members.

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Communication Platforms

Messages, phone calls, and emails are the best and fastest way to share any news with your wedding guests, if you have a wedding website then don't forget to change and update the details.

Many couples are using Facebook to share mass messages but not everyone checks their Facebook to see these messages so make sure you choose more than one wat to share the details and updates.

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Get Help

If you have booked your wedding at a hotel, you can use the hotel front desk staff to spread the word.

If you have a wedding planning team, they should also be able to help you out.

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