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Inside the Indoor Garden Wedding of: Yousef Shamoun and Dima Haddadin

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Inside the Indoor Garden Wedding of: Yousef Shamoun and Dima Haddadin

Yousef Shamoun and Dima Haddadin got married in a glamorous wedding at the Four Seasons in Amman, Jordan on 12 June, 2015. Their “Indoor Garden Wedding” theme was designed and planned by the talented team of Majeda Kasir Bisharat at My Event Design.

The wedding was the talk of the town in Amman for weeks; we had the chance to get inside the wedding and know all about its details from My Event Design.

  • What was the inspiration behind the wedding décor?

Naturally, when summer arrives, the wedding season arrives hand-in-hand. The beautiful warm breeze tingles, and brings with it the intense smells of its season’s flowers. With this event, the natural surroundings of summer inspired me, and that is why, it was inevitable for me to create a night that will bring the outdoors indoor.

  • What was the theme or colors of the wedding?

‘The Indoor Garden Wedding’ – As far as your eye could stretch, bursts of green, white, ivory and gold were in sight. Romance was in full blossom at this event, from the couple who undoubtedly brought the warmth to the room, to the instant calmness and comfort that people felt being surrounded by nature.

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My Event Design Indoor Garden Wedding 1

  • What are the most special and unique details of the setup?

No leaf was left unturned for this special occasion. The combination of the custom-made fixtures, architecture and floral arrangement made every corner of the event unique and eye-catching.

The Entrance

The entrance to the ballroom was nothing short of magic. To create a garden feel, we installed a pathway that was overwhelmed with thick and lush green leaves on both sides. It was adorned with an arrangement of white and green baby orchids suspended from the arabesque ceiling. The hues of the natural colors were accented with white floor lights.

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My Event Design Wedding

The Ballroom

The set and scenery design of the ballroom included arches that lined the whole area. Each arch was covered with a layer of synthetic grass, and with each arch opening, guests got a beautiful look at consoles with a grass runner on top and a large floral pot. To add to the romance, we suspended beautiful chandeliers, allowing for the mirror to reflect the ambience the light provided.


The pathway to the dance floor was designed to resemble Syrian courtyard tiles to add a garden feel. They were accented with twinkles of light leading you down to the bar area as well. At the end of the dance floor, two bars made out of glass strips were set up to wrap the stage from both sides. The set-up allowed guests to enjoy their drink while getting an up-close look of the performers of the night.

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My Event Design Amman

The area surrounding the dance floor was filled with an assortment of tables of all shapes and sizes, each decorated in a way that resembles the look and feel of the indoor garden theme. We set up a dozen U-shaped rectangular tables, each of which was adorned with floral arbours filled with greenery and mixed flowers. The base of each column was covered with moss, and between each column base was an arrangement of green and white hydrangea, mixed with roses, peonies and bloomed Phalaenopsis. To complete this setup area, squared tables were surrounded by U-Shaped tables decorated with a tree centerpiece filled with baby orchids along with greenery and a squared runner of mixed flowers.


Wedding Amman Majeda Bisharat

The main rectangular tables contained high flower arrangement consisting of Hydrangea, Peonies, roses, bloomed Phalaenopsis and tulips. A number of beautiful chandeliers were installed over the lush centerpieces as though the flowers were enchanted, growing naturally towards the light. The Doughnut tables were surrounded by mirrored vases filled with mixed flowers of Hydrangea, Peonies, roses, bloomed phalaenopsis and tulips, and, of course, a chandelier was suspended over them.  For cocktail tables, we opted for the high, round cocktail tables. Each table was emphasized with mirrors and candles, in order to maintain the sense of intimacy at a somewhat large event. Last, but not least, the gold candelabras, the gorgeous decorative pieces that transported the guests to a beautiful dinner at a garden estate.

Majeda Bisharat Weddings

  • Do you have any comments that you would like to add?

This event would have been much more difficult to organize and execute had it not been for my amazing team at My Event Design. I would also like to thank all parties involved for making this event such a beautiful and memorable one for me, all the guests, and most importantly the beautiful couple!

Majeda Kasir Bisharat, My Event Design