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Inside The "Summer Garden Wedding" of Farah Al Rayyan and Mohamed Halabi

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Inside The "Summer Garden Wedding" of Farah Al Rayyan and Mohamed Halabi

Farah Al Rayyan and Mohamed Halabi got married on July 19th, 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Amman, Jordan. Their “Summer Garden Wedding" theme was designed and planned by the professional team of Majeda Kasir Bisharat at My Event Design, who shared the wedding decor details with Arabia Weddings.

My Event Design focused on every detail of the wedding and not just the main ballroom, making the wedding theme flow smoothly from entrance to exit. 

Starting at the hallway, My Event Design installed a pathway lined with lush natural greenery on both sides of it adorned with beautiful arrangements of white baby orchids suspended from a custom-made arabesque ceiling. To add a luxurious touch to the wedding theme, exquisite chandeliers and huge framed mirrors were hung all along the hallway giving the wedding a wonderful majestic feel. Venetian style pots were also distributed in the hallway filled with green oak balls. 



Since the ballroom is the main section of any wedding, My Event Design took the decoration and flower arrangements inside the main ballroom to a whole new level. The beautiful chandeliers hung in the ballroom added a luxurious and sparkling touch. The tables were decorated with statement candelabras along with floral arrangements that included: Green Viburnum, ivory roses, peonies, hydrangeas, bloomed Phalaenopsis, and ivy plants between the arrangements, creating an indoor garden effect. 


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The Venetian pots used in the main ballroom came in different sizes and heights and were filled with different white and green blooms. In order to keep things elegant, vintage antique small vases with a single rose were displayed on the tables adding another dimension to the overall summer garden feel.


My Event Design team's attention to details covered every single detail of the wedding including the menus. Special and unique menus, fit for a summer garden wedding, were made of lace doilies and decorated with Phalaenopsis.


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At every wedding, the bar is usually the focal point. My Event Design team knows this very well; for Farah Al Rayyan and Mohamed Halabi's wedding they installed a 20-meter long bar, which was entirely mirrored and had huge lampshades with dangling ivy and candles giving the wedding a great romantic ambience.

Venetian pots were also used to decorate the bar just as the rest of the wedding, with mixed flower arrangements displayed along the length of bar.

As for the backdrop of this glamorous bar, green arches with fairy lights were installed, and with each arch opening, guests got a beautiful look at a hanging chandelier along with beautiful candles aligned in a straight line.


Majeda Bisharat comments on this wedding saying:

“As always, this event would have been much more difficult to organize and execute had it not been for my amazing team at My Event Design. I would like to thank all parties involved for making this event such a beautiful and memorable one for me, for the guests, and most importantly for the beautiful couple!”