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Top Wedding Trends in The UAE For 2019

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Top Wedding Trends in The UAE For 2019

The International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning has released its 2019 International Trend Report, and in this trend report we spotted some of the top wedding trends taking over the Gulf countries in the Middle East and especially the United Arab Emirates in 2019.

So if you are looking for wedding planning ideas forthis year we have some beautiful trends for you to check out.

The Middle East is a great inspiration to weddings, Dubai and the rest of the UAE continue to see many luxurious weddings and venues.



Bridal Entrances

We will see a wider use of projection lighting, as the technology becomes more accessible to mid budget brides. 


Eco Conscious Celebrations

In 2019 we will see a shift to eco-conscious celebrations especially when it comes to western brides who are becoming more aware of this.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are still a key feature of wedding design in 2019. Only this time geometric shapes are being paired with rich color palettes just like what is expected from the region where weddings take on a fairytale explosion of colors and vibrancy.

Glassware and Flatware

Glassware and flatware offer so many options for adding some color to tablescapes, and suppliers are offering brides a far wider choice in terms of chargers and interesting shapes than in past years.

Mirrored Table Tops and Metallics in Furniture

In 2019 expect to see a lot of mirrored table tops and metallics in furnitures that will take the element of shine and luxury to another level.

A Lot of Greenery

Many couples have been influenced by all the royal weddings in 2018, so expect to see a lot of greenery, but with a more natural manner with flowing greenery all around the room.

Personalized Details

In 2019 we will see more personalized elements when it comes to weddings in 2019. Couples will want to bring their personal style and cultures into their wedding designs, and have it applied in many areas of their wedding, including invitations, florals, foods, and entertainment. 

Garden Themes

According to Zeinab Alsalih, Founder and Creative Directory of Carousel Events, garden themes are becoming one of the most asked for themese, can't have an outdoor wedding? Don't worry, indoor wedding venues are being completely revamped to look, feel, and smell like the outdoors.

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