Wedding Trend: Jars!

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Wedding Trend: Jars!

Jars are becoming more and more popular as decorative items and are no longer just sitting in a kitchen pantry or a refrigerator. They are versatile and very budget-friendly.

You can find these jars at almost every store or market, and they come in all different sizes. You can even save your kitchen jars of jam, coffee, or anything else and use them around your home, in the garden, and at your special events.

Not quite sure how to use jars for your wedding decorations? That’s why we are here; to give you practical ideas and inspiration!

You can either do these ideas by yourself, or ask your venue, caterer, wedding planner, or friends and family members, to make them for you.

Jars Centerpieces

Use the jars as vases and place a jar on each table with fresh flowers. Add a ribbon, tag, or beads to it. Get creative with decorating these jars. Now you have a beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece, especially suitable for an outdoor event.

Lanterns and Candleholders

Lighting is very important at a wedding; jars are great to make as lanterns or candleholders. Read: Ready Set Glow: Decorate with Candles.

Consider decorating the jar or filling it with sand, salt, beads, or just water; plain or colored. 

The options for decorating the jars are limitless and easy.

Candy Bar

Add a twist to your dessert buffet by having a couple of jars filled with all kinds of chocolates and candy. How fun and sweet does that sound?

Jars as Cups

Using jars as cups for your drinks will not only save you money but will also look adorable when set and decorated! Check these pictures out:

Jars as Favors

Using jars as wedding favors is also very popular right now, and as mentioned before, it will not cost you much. Fill the jars with anything you would like to give your guests: candy, cookies, candles, and even cake! Look at these pictures for inspiration!

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