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Creative Slide Show Ideas for Your Wedding

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Creative Slide Show Ideas for Your Wedding

Are you bored of the same old slide shows at weddings? The ones where pictures of the bride and groom keep playing? We know we are and we’re pretty sure your guests are too!


Slide shows don't have to be boring anymore. Have your slideshow but add a twist to it and be different!


Photos with Words:

When adding pictures to the slideshow, have a professional add a quote on each picture of you and your groom, or write down sentences of why you love him and let him do the same and put them under each picture.


Video Footage:

Include videos to your slideshow, whether you include a video of both of your childhoods or a video of the both of you together! Something funny would be great to make your guests laugh!


Include the Proposal:

If you are lucky enough to have photos or a video of the moment he proposed, make sure to include them in your slideshow!


Include Your Friends:

This is by far the best slideshow idea! A couple of days before your wedding, have pictures of your close friends, parents and relatives added with their advice to you. Or even better let them say it on video.


Tell Your Story:

Know a good story teller? A friend or a relative who is talented in narrating? Have them tell your story starting with "once upon a time…" and end it with "happily ever after." Let the record play along with your pictures.


Share Your Wedding Pictures:

Have the photographer upload the pictures he just took of you and your guests on the slideshow! Why wait to share your wedding pictures?

Now you can have a slideshow at your wedding that is different, creative and fun to watch!