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10 Tips to Help You Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

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10 Tips to Help You Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

Having a limited budget does not mean you shouldn’t have the wedding of your dreams.  

Every bride deserves the wedding she’s been dreaming of her entire life; so don’t let your budget bring you down.  All you need is some creativity, and a hint of compromise.

Here is what you need to know to stick to your budget and have your dream wedding all at the same time:


Make a list of the main things you want for your wedding. What are you willing to splurge on? What do you want to save money on? And most importantly, set a fixed budget. Discuss this with your fiancé so you can both agree on what is important at your wedding.

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Booking a venue for your wedding can get pretty pricey and a tad unreasonable at times. Try looking for a place that doesn’t cost as much as pricey hotels or venues. Do you, for example, have a big garden at your house? If not, maybe one of your relatives does. If you're looking for an indoor wedding, then the first thing to do is to set a limit to your guest list so you can look for a venue accordingly. 

Save on the Invitations:

You can save a good amount of money by simplifying your stationery. Go for more simple and elegant invitations, the more complicated your design is, the more you will get charged. If you are on the creative side, then use your creativity and design your own invitations. It is not as hard as you think, you can search for easy steps on how to make them or available templates, and print them out at a local printing house.

A Day to Remember:

People usually prefer to hire a professional camera man for their wedding video and that is a smart thing to do, but since this will be already costing you, try to save money on your photographer! You should definitely have a professional photographer take photos of you and your groom, close friends and family members. But you don’t have to keep him at your wedding all night. Have a disposable camera set on each table so your guests can take pictures of your wedding! This will cost you much less and make it a fun experience for your guests.

Not really convinced? If you still want a professional photographer then try looking for ones who recently started their business or you could even hire a photography student or an amateur. These will cost you less than hiring a well-known professional photographer. But make sure to take a look at samples of their work.

Another important thing is to put a limit on the pictures you are paying for. Discuss this with your photographer and your groom.

Bake Your Cake and Eat It Too:

If you have enough time, you could always ask for help in baking your own cake or even better, honor the women in both your families by having them each bake a dessert or cake to bring to the wedding. A cute idea is to have the recipes printed out and given to the guests as favors.

If you'd rather have something professionally made, then cupcakes or a dessert buffet is your safest option on saving money. But again if you insist on having a wedding cake then keep this in mind when discussing with your baker: "the simpler the cheaper."

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You definitely don’t have to spend a fortune on catering and serving dinner to your guests. The best way to save money on food is by serving hors d'oeuvres, which are mini foods or finger foods passed around throughout the evening.

Signature Drink:

If you are willing to serve alcohol on your wedding day, then you have to keep in mind that it will cost you more. However, you don’t have to have an open bar. Ask your venue or bartender if you can have a signature drink mixed for you throughout the evening, this will cost you much less than an open bar. Also, using local beer or wines will also save you lots of money.

Balloons vs. Flowers:

Flowers and floral arrangements can be very pricey. But flowers aren’t always the best way to decorate your wedding venue. Balloons are much cheaper, and really fun to have as decoration. Not only will you save money, but your wedding will look fresh, innovative and hip.

Not a big fan of balloons? You can always make your own wedding flowers with the help of a few friends or relatives. The Internet is filled with ideas and steps on DIY wedding flowers. Get creative!

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Your Wedding Dress:

Not everyone can afford to buy expensive wedding dresses at the shops these days. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream wedding dress! There are plenty of stores that rent out wedding dresses. And some of the dresses they rent are as good as new.

Another option is to buy a pre-owned dress. These dresses have only been worn once or never at all. You never know when you will find a bargain.

Also, keep up with technology and shop online. There are many websites that sell wedding dresses and for much less than what you can find at retail stores. The options are endless. 

Create a Luxurious Effect:

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