5 Sentimental Ways to Include Your Parents in Your Wedding

5 Sentimental Ways to Include Your Parents in Your Wedding

Weddings should not only be about the perfect wedding venue, wedding dress, or wedding cake, although this all counts and should be taken into consideration, remember that weddings have a very emotional side as well.

So why don’t you show your parents how much they mean to you by adding a token from your parent’s wedding into yours.

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Here are 5 sentimental ideas to include your parent’s wedding in yours:

Bridal Bouquet: Ask your mom if you can use a piece of her wedding dress to wrap you bouquet with it.


Make a Necklace: You can also take a piece of your mom’s wedding dress and turn it into a necklace.


Take a Picture: Take a picture with your groom on your wedding day, each holding a picture of your parents’ weddings.


Recreate a Picture: Choose your favorite picture from your parent’s wedding and recreate it in yours, once you put them side by side it will look stunning.


First Look: Have a “First Look” with your dad. A ‘first look’ is when the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day, so why not have a ‘first look’ photo with your father as well.