5 Strange Wedding Ideas You Will Laugh At

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5 Strange Wedding Ideas You Will Laugh At

When it comes to weddings, not every couple has the same taste, but sometimes there are couples who deliberately choose strange wedding ideas to get all the attention they can.

We came across some very strange wedding ideas which got us raising our eyebrows and wondering why? So we decided to share them with you and put a smile on your face.

Last Chance to Run Sign: Some may think it’s cute…but we think it’s a total romance-killer!


The Bride with Antlers: This bride took the “Headpiece” to a whole other level.


Awkward Bride and Groom Photo: A Tip for our future brides and grooms, DO NOT agree on a photo like this ever.


Strange Wedding Cake: This cake got us wondering, why is this couple even getting married?


The Bread Dress: This bride doesn’t need to worry about not eating on her wedding day.


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