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5 Things Every Bride Realizes While Planning Her Wedding

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5 Things Every Bride Realizes While Planning Her Wedding

Now that it’s time to plan your wedding, you will finally start realizing things that you never thought you would before.

You probably have an idea of what it is like to plan a wedding, but being in the center of action changes everything.

So here are 5 most common things every bride realizes while planning her wedding:

The Season Dictates EVERYTHING: The season you are having your wedding in will dictate the style of your wedding, the flowers you use, and you will even have to choose your honeymoon destination accordingly.

People Will Interfere No Matter What: No matter how much you try to keep things private, it looks like your engagement rings lets people think it is okay for them to impose their opinions.

Your Groom Will Surprise You With Some Random Wedding Opinions: Yes, you thought he didn’t care about the details, but it is his wedding too, so he might shock you with some wedding related opinions you never thought he had.

No Matter How Much You Try There Will Be Unexpected Expenses: You’ve planned every single thing on your checklist? Always be prepared for extra unexpected expenses along the way. (To help you keep track of your wedding planning create your online checklist here!) 

You Will Cry Randomly: Whether they are happy tears or tears from all the stress, you will eventually have to shed a few tears to feel better.

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